Al Qaeda video threatens Germans ahead of polls

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. Al Qaeda video threatens Germans ahead of polls
    September 18th, 2009 SindhToday


    Berlin, Sep 19 (DPA) An Al Qaeda video threatening Germany with a “rude awakening” if it refuses to withdraw troops from Afghanistan has been posted on the internet, security officials said on Friday – just over a week before the country’s general election.

    German security agents confirmed the existence of the video to DPA following reports on state television channel ARD.

    The speaker in the video is reportedly a German Islamist, Bekkay Harrach, who uses the name Abu Talha.

    Speaking in German, Harrach issued a warning ahead of the Sep 27 election.

    “If the people decide … for a continuation of the war, they have cast their own verdict. The parliamentary election is the only chance for people to shape the policies of the country,” the recording said, according to ARD.

    “With the withdrawal of the last German soldier, the last mujahedin will also be withdrawn from Germany,” Harrach reportedly said.

    “This forms part of a generally increased level of threat ahead of the general election,” security agents said.

    Although Germany’s NATO-led mission in Afghanistan is unpopular domestically, only the hard-left Die Linke are calling for immediate troop withdrawal.

    Harrach, a German of Moroccan origin, is already known to German security agents. He has appeared in several Al-Qaeda propaganda videos that have been published online this year.

    In the latest video, Harrach reportedly warned Muslims in Germany to stay away from public spaces in the two weeks following the election.

    Omer O, a Turkish Al Qaeda suspect on trial in the German city of Koblenz, is thought to have recruited Harrach to join the radical Islamist group.

    German courts restrict the reporting of defendants’ surnames.
  2. another Madrid in the making, God help us
  3. I remember a rather smug Eric somewhere in NRW remarking that he was assured they "were going to be alright", because "we hadn't done anything". Apart from the dubious friends he mixes with, he's probably cursing over the Warsteiner.

    Seem to remember his schadenfreude over the Tube incident, too. Oh well.

  4. I was just going to say that they said the same thing to the Spanish AFTER the Madrid bombing. The Spanish were pulled out of Iraq (nothing to do with the threat but because of election promises) and Al Q were still stooging about the countryside.

    Can't trust what they say.
  5. Spot on Whet.
  6. Germany ups security after al Qaeda threat

    Published: 2:11PM Saturday September 19, 2009

    Source: Reuters

    * Read

    Germany ups security after al Qaeda threat (Source: Reuters)

    ReutersGerman flag

    Germany has boosted security at airports and train stations because of a heightened risk of attack linked to a federal election on September 27, the German Interior Ministry said on Saturday.

    The ministry said militant groups like al Qaeda could use the election as a stage for strikes to punish Germany for its deployment of troops in Afghanistan.

    According to security officials a suspected new al Qaeda video had played a role in raising the alert.

    German television channel ARD said the video had been published on the internet and featured a militant known from previous videos speaking in German and threatening the country for its presence in Afghanistan as part of a NATO force.

    According to ARD, the militant warned Germans that if they voted to "extend the war" they would seal their own fate and suffer a nasty shock after the election.

    Three months ago a German magazine cited security officials as saying al Qaeda was planning a major attack on Germans before the election to wreak revenge for the deployment of troops in Afghanistan.

    Unlike other European countries such as Britain or Spain, Germany has not experienced a major attack on its home soil in recent years. Germany has a parliamentary mandate to send 4,500 soldiers to Afghanistan as part of a NATO force.

    In July a German court sentenced a German man of Pakistani origin to eight years in prison for helping to fund and support al Qaeda. Aleem Nasir was a senior al Qaeda figure in Germany who helped recruit new members and acquire money and material, the court ruled.