Al-Qaeda threat to British prisons

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by armchair_jihad, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. In full
  2. My heart's pumping purple p!ss for them.
  3. Choose your own prison.
    My what a very quaint idea.
    Cum to where I live and play games with the local Polis and you'll get to see what prison is.
    Met one or two who have been inside and NONE wanted to revisit.
  4. What's the big fuss about? The cnuts can only die once. Leave them where they are.
  5. 1. What did they expect- halal Butlins?
    2. Big boys games, big boys rules.
    3. As a minority you decide to take on a whole country then cry when that country turns against you including your fellow prisoners.
    4. Lets hope Mr Bridger intervenes too.


    keats, give those chaps a going over.[/align]

    Shame innit.
  6. I find it impossible to have any sympathy for people that plotted to kill civilians indiscriminately.
  7. "In a lengthy email to an Islamist website, Barot recently outlined his concerns about what he called 'oppressive conditions' in Frankland. "

    FFS, this tw*t is in a high security prison, what's he doing writing lengthy e mails (mumbles, wouldn't have happened in my day).

    I am concerned for their wellbeing though. perhaps they should emulate Bobby Sands to get what they want?
  8. Sorry I think we should respect their culture and allow them to mix with their own sort in a warm and secure environment. I hear the Americans have a very pleasant establishment which would suit their need, I think it is in Cuba !!!!
  9. There are some wonderful barron islands of the north west coast of Scotland, the weather is not like Cuba, but I am sure it would have the same effect!
    Prison IS prison, not a bloody holiday camp for the extreemists we have bred, or imported due to our pourous boarders.
    British law is BRITISH law and not a miss mass of everyone elses, just because it suits THEM. If thy don't like it, give them a nice little 12 by 12 24/7, keep it cold and keep it dark. They had a good way in the film "Green Mile" of cleaning the dirt in the cells!
  10. i hope they get put in with the biggest randiest sodomites in the whole prison system, big beefcake black lads with cocks like a baby's arm and they literally split theyre dirty terrorist ringpeices into bits :D
  11. Sounds to me like the poor little terrorists didn't realise they wouldn't be heros in everybodies eyes. Bless.

    They can have a copy of the Qu'ran, they don't need CDs of some mad mullah saying "kill the infidels".

    Nor should they be allowed to mix with any body but their own (ie other terrorists). A Muslim (or other for that matter) in for petty crime should not be mixed with these poisonous tongued snakes.

    As for racial intoerance. Er, no. It is merely intolerance of cowards who would use terror, murder and injury to advance their cause. Their race is immatierial.

    Pretty light sentances too. 30 years!!!! Is that all.

    Put 'em on an oil rig in the middle of the North Sea, with all the Halal Spam and jerry cans of water they need for their sentance.
  12. no they would enjoy that "women are for babies, boys are for fun" remember that's their sex policy dirty TW@TS
  13. To paraphrase Marie Antionette - let them eat pork
  14. that was my point ;)
  15. I particularly liked this bit

    "Barot recently outlined his concerns about what he called 'oppressive conditions' in Frankland"

    Oppressive conditions in a Prison!!...Im outraged