Al-Qaeda target British soldiers returning from Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. British-based Islamist radicals are targeting Army soldiers - especially snipers - returning from fighting in southern Afghanistan, The Sunday Telegraph has learnt.

    In one case, a police armed response unit was called to the home of a sniper last September amid fears he was about to be murdered or abducted by al-Qaeda terrorists.

    The Corporal, serving with a Scottish Regiment, was one of a two-man sniping team which shot dead 32 Taliban fighters during a six-month tour of Afghanistan.

    The soldier – whom this newspaper has agreed not to name – was temporarily forced to leave home his wife and family after details of his service in Afghanistan were made public.

    It can also be disclosed that a second sniper who recently returned home to the Glasgow area received death threats from suspected British-based al-Qaeda sympathisers after his personal details became known.

    The threats were deemed so serious that an armed response unit was sent to his home in case terrorists tried to kidnap or kill him or members of his family
  2. It fills me with a cold anger to think that we have people within our society whose loyalties lie elsewhere and to such an extent that they would take the lives of those who defend us. We've got to be very careful to differentiate betwwen Muslims and Islamists, but I hope that no expense or effort will be spared in countering this threat to our service personnel in their home country and I would also wish to see any Islamist who is convicted of such activities, stripped of his British citizenship and packed off to any Muslim country that will have him. :x
  3. Tell those threatened with murder where the people who threatened them live.
  4. Not a case of any country that will heve him but back to his own country regardless of his human rights if a 1st generation immigrant and if born here, the land of his parents/grandparents if need be.
  5. Almost sorry they did'nt try it; one can imagine these idiots breaking into the soldiers house only to find a themeslves looking down the wrong end of MP5's or G36's... :twisted:
  6. If this is true,then it is high time the useless socialist government implimented wartime measures and start arresting those involved,or suspected to be-and their supporters, and keep them in detention-or better still deport them.

    Britain needs to impliment a robust law and order strategy-and not be deflected from this course by fellow travellers using human rights or other legal technicalities.If anyone goes to any European court to thwart any security clampdown,they and the EU need to be told to butt out of internal security matters forthwith.

    Maybe to quote from GW Bush a call to all immigrants " You are either with us or against us" and if the latter,you WILL be arrested and deported after any punishment served.

    The blame for this situation arising in Britain lies with the traitors within the Labour Party and legal-aid parasites of which Cherie Blair can be counted as being.
  7. Lets fire up the Bus again

  8. :twisted: The "sniper" should of kept his facial orafice shut!
    A 252 should also be on the card's :twisted: the prat.
  9. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Because we all have those sorts of toys in the hall cabinet drawers...
  10. All true. But for this to happen, we'd need a Gub'mint with some collective testicals. We'd also need a substantial budget to spend on internment camps and a brand new, shiney paramilitary force to do the heavy lifting. Because there's no way Plod and the Spooks have enough bodies.

    And the only way that kind of sea-change is going to happen is if the "VIP's" like politicians suddenly find themselves in the firing line. They could'nt give a fcuk if some poor bugger just back from Afghanistan is snatched from his own home and his head is later found in a different postcode from his body. 8O

    The sooner AQ start killing politicians, judges etc, the better this country will be. :twisted:
  11. I hope now that we are aware of the threat, serving personnell and their families keep a better eye on per sec.
    Down my way we have many returning soon, and we will be vigilant in the local community, I for one would immediately seek to neutralize any threat locally, as the police take too long.
    Having police deployed to protect soldiers returned proves just how dangerous these taleban and al quada are.

    Please please please remember everyone that anyone can come on this site and read our posts, or infiltrate us, pretending to be a soldier, and it now goes beyond a bit of outing walts fun, so watch out in the chat room, some of these terrorists could have been members on here for years.

    May god keep us all safe, and watch over all our serving personnell whereever they may be.
  12. I was referring to the police Armed Response Unit. Do try to keep up. :roll:
  13. I'm afraid you are right on this.

    Another thing to be considered is that nearly every member of the present Labour government was either a communist,member of CND (to me that is the same thing) or into some other anti-British group when they were at university.In the case of those in government now they still carry the beliefs they had in their uni days,but have hid them to appear"respectable" in order to gain office.Harman,Straw,Mandleson and Hain are prime examples of this.

    Since Labour gained power in 1997,they have set about destroying the old Britain they so despise.Part of this has involved opening the doors to every immigrant possible irregardless if they are criminals,welfare paresites or worse,terrorists.

    Herein lies the reason for the present situation.

  14. Ooohhhh - internment all over again. what happened to PIRA recruitment last time this was used?

    Silly post.
  15. Well it seemed to work for the Yanks during WWII. And, IIRC, some Italians were also interned in Scotland during the same time.

    As for being a recruitment sgt for terrorism - there is no greater spur to recruitment than knowing one's actions will go unpunished by the enemy. :roll: