Al-Qaeda names Queen enemy of Islam

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Countryman, Nov 13, 2005.

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    Just from me, feck off and shove your videos up you arrse's.
  2. The only enemies of 'true' Islam that I am aware of are the scum of the Earth pukes that use Islam as reason to incite death and destruction on unarmed civilians. Religious persuasion, skin colour, country of origin aside etc, I hope that anyone remotely involved in blowing up unarmed civilians (purposely) chokes on a big fat c*ck and dies a horrendous death. My blood boils when I read such drivel.

    I would say that the scholars of today are content with their Toyotas and semi-detached houses in their desire to evolve into something resembling a human being. Seek martyrdom? Seek f*ckin professional help more like, you cnuts!

    "In Britain it has been posted by Muhammed al-Massari, the London-based Saudi extremist, on his website." Is this fellow on a one trip back to bloody Saudi yet? If not, why not? What do we need for a treason charge nowadays?

    Ummm....I'm bloody upset!! Here endeth the rant. My apologies for making absolutely no sense what-so-ever.
  3. I'd heard that she'd been hunting them through the hills and mountains of Pakistan with nothing but a knife in her teeth and some screech to sustain her. When she catches a terrorist she cuts of his or her nipples and adds them to a bit of string that she wears around her neck.

    It's no wonder they're pissed.

    You have to admire a woman of her spirit.
  4. "What do we need for a treason charge nowadays"

    60,000kva to the perpetrator's extremities :?:
  5. The Queen, Crusader laws, enemies of Islam?

    Did someone time warp me back 800 years?

    No of course not, the authors of such threats are the ones living in a bygone age. While there may be many problems with Western Foreign policy (read USA as much as any), the Queen is as guilty of that as my two year old.
    Which means that the Queen, my two year old, sundry other Westerners, assorted Arab police, Jordanian wedding guests as well as simple passers by, are targets.

    While the flame of hate may keep AQ "believers" warm at night, I suspect the nilistic and Narrow World view/ aims, will lose them the support that they need to continue their campaign. Whether now, or later, Mustaffer will figure that they are not on "his" side.
    While Baby doc Bush and Co may have done almost evertything they could have done, wrong, and aided these Islamic fanatics, AQ's own actions seem to be almost equally bent upon defeating their own cause. Alas though this battle of World Views will probably take many years to play out.
    So we will have to face down this ideology of hate, until Joe Six Pack in the States, elects a President that can get HIS head out his own Ideological ARRSE!

    P.S.does the Queen live a Den of some sort, these Camel Jockeys seem to all up for knocking over "dens" of various types.
  6. That makes me sick, all thses whinging muslim idiots. In my opinion the words "Browning Hp - Ditch - Kneel down" immediately spring to mind.
  7. It is obvious that this man does not deserve the right to remain in the UK, so why do we not freeze his assets, revoke his citizenship if he indeed has british citizenship, burn his british passport and put him on an easyjet flight back to Saudi, Not forgeting to do the same for his entire extended family and take the cost of the flights out of his frozen assets. One down plenty more to go!!!!!! If they preech this crap get them out before we have another 7/7 on our hands.
  8. That is incitement to commit treason and Regiside, and , until our erstwhile Gov signed away the powers last year, it was STILL punishable by hanging.

    Please, I will be the lad in the mask, only I wound wear one!
  9. and make him pay for the flight
  10. Why do we need "new" terror laws when the cretins spout off stuff like this? Incitement to regicide has been illegal quite literaly since Time Immemorial so rwhy hasn't the Household Cavalry been sent round to convey the perpetrators to the Tower? It seems more and more that "terrorism" is being used as an excuse.

    Most muslims the world over disapprove of this sort of rubbish, not because of any religious convictions but simply because it is bad for business.
  11. Isn't that what Dr Death said? ...............

  12. I bet this bloke carries on posting unmolested, whilst anti-terrorism and public order laws are used to detain elderly hecklers and those wearing anti-Biar badges.
  13. Even Hitler knew attacking the Royal family wasa bad idea, these people who spout off this Venom in the name of Islam are traitors, to their own peopleand a faith that teaches peace between all faiths.
  14. correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't conspiracy to assassinate the queen a treasonous crime?
  15. Just as a thought aren't there any patriotic computer hackers out there that can hack his web site and send it into a complete shutdown until the authorites get off there assess and throw him out?? He can't preech if he has no web site to do it on.!!!!