Al-Qaeda leader al-Masri dead!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP RIP

    One less to slot,hope he rot's in hell with the devil himself!! :D

    One less to slot

  2. Apparently dead of hepitits. Should have been something really nasty,back syph combined with knob rotting gonzo.
  3. angular

    angular LE

    Oh bother.
  4. ["The sense is that he is dead," a US official said.

    I understand the need for OPSEC, but was the US official using "the Force" for that?
  5. Oh dear! So sad! Never mind! Carry on! :twisted:

    On a related subjected I have just walked around Southend on Sea and can't find 72 virgins - do arrsers think this fecker has kidnapped them for the afterlife :roll:
  6. So long it's not the same 'Spidey Sense' that told them about the Iraqi WMD and that pesky 45 minutes thing... :roll:
  7. JT67

    JT67 Old-Salt

    What a shame. Don't think we will lose any sleep over this sh1ts death. Let's hope that a few of his buddies join him soon.
  8. kc1982kc

    kc1982kc Old-Salt

    The bbc and other news channels should be broadcasting these scum bags deaths , and humiliating them ie. achieved nothing , looney bin , misguided , retarted , homosexual etc etc etc

    Let everyone know there just scum and there beleives are nothing but lies etc, etc .
  9. feckemall

    feckemall Old-Salt

    They don't cos they're poo-scared of upsetting his family and getting either sued or a jihad!
  10. kc1982kc

    kc1982kc Old-Salt

    Its time for a anti-taliban propaganda machine .
    Thers seems to work pretty well
  11. Cuddles

    Cuddles LE

    al Masri dead? Excellent, I've got him in a "win-double" with Prince Philip!