Al Qaeda is planning to attack Euro 2008

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hong_kong_fuey, May 15, 2008.

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  1. That's alright, we're not in it anyway :)
  2. Doesn't this story win today's 'No Sh!t, Sherlock' award?

    Thousand of people coming to Switzerland, and the Swiss police think there might be a terrorist threat. Glad to hear they're hiring the best they can find :roll:
  3. Terrorists targetting a major event??

    Odd that, cant for the life of me think why they'd do it.
  4. And I suppose there will be more scare stories about them planning to target the London Olympics in the future. It doesn't take the brains of a brainy person to come up with that. Ah, it was in the Telegraph, that's different then! Not enough pics of boobs, too many words in that tome for me I fear.
  5. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Its a security nightmare for the Swiss then...

    In the world cup they trialled this "open air free zone" type idea (like Manchester last night" to see if they could control it and if they were feasible.

    The thumbs up was given and so they're planning on it in most town centres across the country. Any one of those will be a crowd control dodgy bag nightmare, added to the fact that most swissies don't know what a terrorist threat is...

    Fortunately, if AQ goes for the AK47 option they'll be taken down in seconds as plucky Swissies grab their Sig 550's...
  6. Yeah, Eriksson's got a job interview with Osama next week, apparently :D
  7. Of course they are.

    Well that should win friends and influence people. Off the top of my head, I can't think of many Muslims I know, who DON'T love Football, well Birmingham City and Scumchester anyway.

    Plenty of England Flags hanging from windows and in cars in Talibanistan Minor during the Euro's and World Cup.

    You only have to watch the following that teams from Muslim countries get in competitions in the Middle East and elsewhere.

    Not saying it's not a potential target, but as a potential to shoot themselves in both feet, it's pretty much unrivalled.
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    All true ptp, thinking of turkish passion..

    Given 9/11, I would say AQ is pretty good at shooting itself in its own feet... unless the "Jihad on America" is going as planned...
  9. I forgot the Turks Mr. H! Then there are the Iranians, Iraqis and Syrians who are football-mad, as are the Indonesians and Malaysians.

    Enormous potential for an own goal there. *giggle*
  10. Beaten to it! Damn your eyes, sir! :D

    Might be worth watching after all... :twisted: :twisted:
  11. What odds will you give me on Spain winning it, I fancy them to win it.
  12. If they attack euro 2008 and we are all expecting it wont it make catching them a little one sided, shouldn't we do the British thing and say...give them a 10 minute head start
  13. Alright Trigger.