Al-Qaeda Iraq leader arrested

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, May 9, 2008.

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  1. Apparently Al Masri has been arrested in Mosul.

    Another good day for Iraq!
  2. Hurrah, that must mean the war's over!
  3. Sounds a lot like the rhetoric of "we have turned the corner."

    I suppose you are always turning the corner when you are going around in circles.

    Like spack_bandit suggested, let's go home now. War is over.

    If it is indeed true that al-Masri is behind bars, I wonder who pyops will declare the next leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq.
  4. If You are suggesting that Al- Masri was a construct of US misinformation then I would appreciate some evidence to prove Your statement (and not some blog written by some idiot who has never left the US).

    As for Spacker - why do You not think it is a good thing for the Iraqi people to have the leader of international insurgents arrested, a leader who has His men kill Iraqis in order to get the coalition forces out of the country.

    The leader of a gang moreover, who Iraqi Sunnis are turning against in ever greater numbers.
  5. Sven, Sven. Always biting the official line. Hook, line and sinker.
  6. CENTCOM are saying "Errrrrrrrr are you sure"?
  7. Sort of disproves the Dogs point about Masri being a Psyops faery tale though doesn't it.
  8. How do You explain Your post given PTPs last?
  9. Sven, CENTCOM are saying they have no confirmation he is in custody, I'm watching the BBC feed at the moment.

    Not sure what the American networks are saying.
  10. Seems to me PTP is in full agreement with me. He is not taking the news at face value. And neither am I.

    I have been lied to so many times by people I thought I could trust, very much so that little suprises me any more.

    If Dubya stood on the green manicured lawns of the Whitehouse and presented Bin Laden's head on a silver platter, I would still have my doubts.
  11. Haven't the Iraqi Government claimed to have lifted Big Bad Boys in the past, only for it to have found to be bollox?

    Is there another Congressional funding round for Iraq under discussion now or soon?
  12. Great call, PTP.

    What better way to bulldoze the bill through than for a "major leap of success against these shadowy figures?"

    What better way to do it than to capture America's other number one enemy?
  13. just a quick question, all these Al-Q leaders they get or capture in Iruck, how many of them are Iranian?
    as in from Iran? you know, that next target on the repuke hit-list for supporting terrorism.

    mybe they should plan heading south instead of east if they realy want to stop the major source of foreign funds and insurgents.
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