Al-Qaeda Infiltrate TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pork_Pie, Oct 17, 2004.

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    Article in Sunday Times claims that 5 AQ members, one of whom is under arrest, have trained with TA. Also says that others tried to do this, but were weeded out by security checks. (Nice to see these things sometimes work 8O )

    The article's reference to TA members having access to small arms made me smile - they made it sound like we have weapons sitting around at home, like the Swiss reserves.
  2. Yes that did bring a smile.

    This made me laugh:
    "Patrick Mercer, the Tory homeland security spokesman and a former army officer, said Al-Qaeda terrorists could use TA passes to penetrate security at key MoD establishments such as the permanent joint headquarters at Northwood in Greater London"

    WTF is a TA Pass? Does he mean MoD 90? I somehow doubt a sprog TA bloke being let into PJHQ with a chit in lieu after just turning up on spec.
  3. Im sure the TA sent more than 7000 blokes to WW1 and WW2.

    Im sure there are easier ways to get hold of PE4 than joining the RE and waiting for your once a year go on the live firing range. still its a nice image that we actually have some equipment :evil:
  4. Excellent :D
  5. Baldrick at the MOD must have had a cunning plan when they wrote the form... :lol:
  6. same question is on the visa waiver form when i flew to USA :lol: duh
  7. Security isn't a dirty word Blackadder... Now crevice, that is a dirty word!
  8. has the spot on your willy dissapeared then scalieback :lol:
  9. There's a political parallel here somewhere...just can't put my finger on it.
  10. As I said, that was a friend of mine. Pity about the one on your shoulders!
  11. so you say , nope no chips on my shoulder if thats what you mean :D
  12. No semper (forward?), I wasn't talking about chips on your shoulder, just a spot. Unfortunately, the point may be lost on you but don't worry about it. :)
  13. i try not too worry about it , i have important things to do here , really important things , its usually called life :)
  14. I see your point, yeoman - according to this article, "Iraq is the largest deployment in the TA's 97-year history"!?!! :roll:

    This is on a par with Mr Blair's claim that "no Prime Minister has been better served by His armed forces". :roll:

    I would suggest we start a daily competition for the most crass balderdash in the day's media, but we would have no time left for anything else on this fine website.