Al-Qaeda in Haiti

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jk22, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. Seems a good place to put a couple of cells in. In fact they probably already have.

    You ve got cruise liners which are targets, UN troops and now US troops. Take a few aid workers hostage?
  2. I think Al Quida are smarter than attacking people doing a humanitarian task , it wouldn't look good.
  3. I wasn't thinking at the moment. But that country is completely fucked.
  4. Catholicism is the predominant claptrap there IIRC - bearded, foetid-breathed peasants might struggle to integrate there.
  5. The Local Islamic Centre is just across the road from the airport and where the cruise liners drop anchor. RPG anyone?
  6. Now that is the most stupid Bollocks statement of the week.

  7. These al-qaeda types go for- max publicity and maximum death. A car bomb in afghanistan is just another car bomb, typically sad but just another day. This Haiti stuff is were its at. Pop a couple of westerners or whatever its a major event.
  8. Wow.

    Neither news, current affairs NOR analysis.

    In fact, a random collection of what ifs and angst.

    Well done. Truly inspired.
  9. At least explain why rather than just being a tit, if you think Al quida arn't clever enough to avoid bad PR your the mince one fella.

    They can justify 9/11 as taking down the Great Satan, they can justify 7/7 as revenge for Iraq/Afghanistan , but they would be hard pressed to justify killing people on an aid mission to a non-muslim country.

    They always have an angle and a way to justify their murders, it's called propaganda and Al Quida are masters of it.

    Try these.

  11. VH is right, you're talking balls.
    They've never been averse to nabbing and slaughtering aid works, reporters, pretty much anyone they can slap for the publicity. It being a ton of christians already with overwhelming international media coverage prepositioned, it would be the perfect jihadfest.
  12. Which can be passed off as killing interfering christains/westerners in muslim countries, or am I missing something.

    Why would Al Quida want to get involved in Haiti, it wouldn't provide anything but bad press.
  13. Are you trying to pimp yourself out as Al-Qaeda's next Communications & Marketing Director or something? If so, forget Haiti - no-one really cares about a bunch of raggedy arsed voodoo-wallopers anyway.

    Think bigger. You clearly have a flair for murderous outrage planning, and events management. How about the Houses of Parliament? Now that would be a GREAT idea which we can all unite behind Shiek Osama on.

    Pop down to your local Mosque and get radicalised, brother! :twisted:
  14. he should write for the Daily Mail.


    in the last week there have been sightings of men in Haiti that aren't clean shaven. terror experts have expressed concern that Al Qaeda is setting up a new high-tech network to wreak havoc in the united states and kill millions of people in the name of jihad.

    according to our information, immigrants are to blame.
  15. How about:

    "According to a number of military experts there are concerns that Al-Qaueiedea may be about to begin murderous operations in Haiti. This is expected to have a negative effect on the already catastrophic house prices in the area"?