Al Qaeda hackers announce Cyber Jihad on western enemies on Facebook

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by protectyourself, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. It has been reported that Al-Qaeda in what can only be describes as either a very desperate or intelligent move is now plotting to carry out a devastating cyber jihad, to target its western enemies such Britain and the U.S.A. The attacks seem to be co-ordinated via Facebook and other social networks.

    It is thought that after reading about the phone hacking scandal on Al Jazeera they have now been training hackers and suicide bombers in equal numbers. It is thought they may also now possess cyber bombs which can be used to virtually destroy annoying locations on Google Maps.

    Actions are already being taken and the terrorists have already admitted trying to invade Facebook in their campaign of electronic warfare, though they were stopped by a "firewall". In response the Pope is said to of ordered a number of clergyman to train in the dark arts of cyber warfare, and launch a crusade against the infidels in the new year.

    On a darker note this is potentially an issue, though it remains unseen as to whether they have the knowlege and technical know how to commit cyber crime on anything like a grand scale.

    It was reported that certain extremists have been targetting key computer systems of organisations and public bodies.

    It is thought that Google Earth and the Street View service are now being used to help plan atrocities, though this should not be seen as breaking news as there is little doubt that terrorists and criminals have been doing this for years.

    These new warnings have now come as the Home Secretary Theresa May has unveiled the Governments latest counter terrorism strategy, which has been highly influenced by a number of factors including cyber crime, and the growing problem of home grown extremism in certain communities.

    High ranking members of the security services have suggested that cyber terrorism is destined to become an ever growing threat, mainly down to the fact that there are so many potential attackers on the internet, and there is no juristiction for governments to act against attackers from many countries, therfore better internet security is needed.

    Investigations by the UK have revealed that a unit, called the Tariq bin Ziyad Brigades for Electronic Jihad had attacked computers last year, and that further attacks may not of been picked up on.

    Sources within the intelligence community have said that since the death of Osama Bin Laden, the al-Qaeda organisation has been calling on its members to commit lone acts terrorism and also for its more computer literate members to start a campaign of cyber jihad.

    Hate preachers are making increased use of the internet, and there are websites where preachers in know terror hotspots such as Pakistan, openly carry out sermons to people in the UK and worldwide. Some mosques have been utilising broadband and large display screens to have guest speakers, and although the muslim communities around the UK have worked hard to clean up the youth who have gone to the dark side, there are still mosques where hate is still preached.

    It has become obvious that there are thousands of terrorist related websites, some of which are known meeting grounds for hardened terrorists around the world, and there appears to be no easy or right way to stop this, the internet should be a place for free speach, and when this is restricted, extremism just flourishes more, yet is it right that we allow these sites to spout their hate messages.

    It is thought that terrorists and potential fundamentalists from around the world have integrated themselves into social networking sites and even video sharing is now commonplace, with new videos springing up on you tube on a regular basis.

    There have certainly been a number of attempts by terrorist and extremist groups to invade Facebook. There have been a number of instances of Facebook cancelling accounts belonging to suspected terrorist networks.

    Twitter is well practiced in monitoring and stopping its use by extremist articles and websites, and when identified they are usually reported then shut down.

    Mrs May recently confirmed that terrorists are using online technology, including Google Earth and Street View, for attack planning, and that there seems to be a surge in the number of people from around the world joining Facebook and Twitter groups, some of which become brainwashed into carrying out acts of murder and terror. Mrs May recently got criticised for wearing a stab vest on an outing to central London. MP's have previously been seen in stab vests, and during the expenses scandal a number were criticised, some say unfairly, for purchasing said vests.

    It was reported that the attacks in Mumbai in 2008 had been directed using off the shelf secure communications technology, not to mention the recent Mumbai attacks, where news is still filtering through.

    Terrorists are now usin hi tech encrypted mobile phones networks and texts to avoid detection.

    Origional story red at The Sun: Al-Qaeda’s cyber jihad on Facebook | The Sun |News

    (Doesnt seem to be based on any tangible evidence, I have added some fun extras to the article which also are not based on hard evidence)
  2. The ******* evil bastards have hacked into my play Station and reset all the top scores!
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  3. My immediate guess is it won't be anything like a 'cyber jihad', but more along the lines of what those LulzSec mongs did last month, and all that achieved was piss off a handful of companies. Nothing major. Al Qaida are also bloody slow off the mark here, so they won't do much better anyway.

    As far as 'cyber warfare' goes, Al Qaida have traditionally limited themselves to using the Internet for comms, normally posting videos of themselves wailing 'Allah' every five seconds. If they were planning anything else they would have done it long ago.
  4. Alternatively AQ could end up on the wrong end of LULZ/ANON, it would look like attractive quarry to them.
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  5. Now that's a thought. It's quite likely as well, if Al Qaida's geek squad started getting attention.
  6. Is this drivel from The Daily Mash?
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  7. There's an interview with that Jester fella here.
  8. If it means they take out PS3 for another l-o-n-g period - bring it on, they have my blessing. ;)
  9. They might even type "google" into Google cos that breaks the internet.

    (shamelessly stolen from The IT Crowd)

    It's OK the I'll wait for the bus :)
  10. Didn't Al Qaeda invent Vista?
  11. YIHAT, anyone?
  12. Convert, Convert to the Xbox 360
  13. Very hard to believe anyone would try to send communications like that in a public forum.

    Les sanglots longs des violons
    de l'automne blessent mon coeur
    d'une langueur monotone.
  14. It's not that difficult.

    Granted, ******* admitting such an idea is ridiculous and the Al Queada we have seen are generally a bunch of clueless fannies (see: more fuckups than successes) but other organisations and nations have proven that all you need is a laptop, a strong connection and the right software.

    Any of you IT boffins out there might be able to prove me wrong but our country's best (and the yanks) are whinging every day now that we're under very severe cyber attack constantly. Right now people are extracting information but if you had the right savvy and determination, you could effectively shut down the computerised side of entire departments.

    It makes you wonder why they ever ******* tried blowing anybody up in the first place when they coul just, say, work to shut down the dod from a cave somewhere near Pakistan.

    "Right, guys, get all your troops out of Saudi Arabia or I pull the plug entirely."
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