Al-Qaeda death threat to Gordon Brown

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hong_kong_fuey, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Telegraph

    Apparently the holy Jihadis are after Broon's head.

    Gordon Brown,
    10 Downing Street,
    London, SW1A 2AA


  2. Watch it HKF, you shoudn't be posting personal information on here :D
  3. Ummmmm yeah, what he said.................... :twisted:
  4. I've got to wonder what they think that'll achieve in so far as defeating the UK is concerned? Apart from the world's largest ever pissup, all I can see happening if they succeed is that a) NL will go on as before or the interchangeable Tories wil step in and b) bin Laden gets a mention in the New Year's Honours list.
  5. Teehee....just so they dont f it up, hes the fat ccunt with a double chin, or two....
  6. Hang on fellas, it appears that Fat Gordo is at risk here, be fair to him, no fek it, fek him. Perhaps the IDF threat in Downing Street will be raised and we will see ministers moving at speed with CBA and helmets (carried) in and out of no 10!
    There was I thinking that Tony B Liar had 'the most dangerous job in the world' but that seems to have changed now.
  7. Oi! Al Qa'eda - get in fcuking line and wait your turn, cnuts!

    You can have what's left after 10,000 ARRSEr's have had their wicked way with the b@stard! :twisted:

    Seriously, and while it's never a good idea to dismiss threats - there's a very good chance this is just an excuse to ramp up public tension and make us more ameanable to things like ID Cards. :roll:
  8. Most frightening perhaps, but only bearing in mind (and I'm trying not to) what he wakes up with every morning.
  9. If any wannabe jihad types are reading this, please don't kill our PM. We'd be heartbroken, our morale would be destroyed. Have mercy.

    Int reverse psychology brilliant?
  10. Thank you for putting that image in my head just before I have lunch... :pukel:
  11. I'll see you all on the news next week. I believe the offense is 'possessing information that may be used in the commission of an act of terrorism'!!

    On the other hand if they reclassified their activites as Scientific Research (ala Japanese whaling fleet) they could get a permission chit off the UN!! :twisted:
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Why, oh why did they never think of this before. Oh, wait a minute, they live in the dark ages, so that'll be why. Would it not be better to post addresses and Multimap printouts to them, rather than have them rely on the web.
  13. I'm hoping they step up with a brassy guy fawkes type plot and do the whole house

    Clean sweep, new start, I'm voting for David Icke
  14. I propose a motion for Ken Dodd as Chancellor. And Frank Bough for Home Secretary.
  15. The "intelligence sources" report the claim went out on a website.

    Is there a link so we can all join the organisation? Hope their server can cope with the web traffic.

    10 Downing street : Start at Trafalger Square, take big wide road heading East, couple of hundred yards on left, watch out for black gates and armed police. There - I have proved my credentials, where do I sign up?