Al murray from D- Day to Berlin


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Caught this on Discovery civillisation channel today
Al murray the pub landlord is driving in his Jeep from the D-Day beaches to Berlin discussing various battles and events
According to Tomorrows info Al will parachute into Arnhem with some ex paras from the battle
It seems quite a good programe and Al Murray seems to be quite a forces / WW2 fan
Its on at 16 00 -- 16 30 and 16 30 -- 17 00

:D :D
Oxford Alumnus. History IIRC.
Yes Al Murray does have an Oxford degree in History and if I'm not mistaken he specialised in mil history.

Saw bits of this show the first time tis very good
A top programme. Al Murray shows a considerable depth of knowledge and a real passion for the subject matter - sadly traits often lacking in similiar programmes. Oh, and he's a lucky barstard for getting paid to swan around such revered locations in his jeep.

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