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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FourZeroCharlie, May 22, 2011.

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  1. Woman has been watching Something For The Weekend - she for the cookery tips and I to leer at the females - and one of the guests has been Al Murray. I thought it was a nice touch that he's sporting a H4H wrist band.

    I was aware that his father had served in the Army for many years: however, as he did the chat thing, I did'nt know that his Grandfather had an interesting war, too. The old boy was something important in the Psychological Warfare Executive - the ginger step child of SOE - and that he was prominent in the setting up and running of clandestine disinformation radio stations.

    ..........anyway, it's a quiet Sunday and this post will probably be ignored.
  2. Sir Ralph Murray was part of Political Warfare Exective, a member of the Underground Propaganda Commitee and ran clandestine radio stations to the Balkans. After the war he was the first head of the Foreign Office's Information Research Department, a grey politcal warfare outfit countering Soviet propaganda. Was also political adviser during the Suez Crisis, as his son (Al Murray's dad) was taking part in the action.

    Some details of the Underground Propaganda Committee here: Whispers of War - The British World War II rumour campaign by Lee Richards
  3. Interesting stuff, Psypher: Al recounted a tale of Sir Ralph, at war's end, being sent off in one God-almighty rush to Vienna with the intent of arriving just as the Roosians entered the city, thus establishing a formal British presence. Apparently the old boy had a battle getting through the fast-retreating Wehrmacht before arriving just as the Russians entered.

    PWE were not constrained to purely intellectual stratagems: at one stage, 'diplomats' in Bern would board the Bern/Berlin train. Before it crossed the Swiss/German border, every toilet roll had been changed and each of the new sheets carried a portrait of Hitler.
  4. The toilet paper was a good story but I've never seen any evidence of PWE doing that. The US Office of Strategic Services did produce some toilet paper with Hitler's head on it and distributed it from their Rome outpost.

    PWE tended to be much more subtle. One black propaganda operation was the "Himmler for President" campaign which included a range of ruses to suggest Himmler was secretly plotting against Hitler. This included the printing of a fake German Navy oath of allegiance to Himmler and forged postage stamps with Himmler's head replacing Hitler’s.

    The more interesting things included giving German soldiers forged travel documents and instructions on how to desert to neutral countries like Sweden and Switzerland and supplying them with instructional booklets on how to fake illness to get out of military service.

    And some of the porn and filth broadcast by the clandestine radio station Gustav Siegfried Eins would seriously upset the likes of Hugh Muir:
    Sir Stafford Cripps and the German Admiral's Orgy
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