al-Megrahi is coming back to the UK

I have no link - it's just a rumour doing the rounds of the Ivory Tower that I'm currently located at.

No, not Broadmoor.
Why would he? Unless the NHS provides better treatment than the Libyan health service.


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If we can't afford treatment for people with bowel cancer, we can't afford to treat him; stick him in the desert and leave him where he is
hahahahahahahahaha... like he's got cancer...
You must be joking. While he was in Scotland he succumbed to cancer. Since he returned to Libya he's been doing pretty well. The Libyan health service is therefore far superior to the NHS innit?
Once he has breathed his last no doubt his family will put in a claim,stating the cancer was brought on by the poor diet he was on whilst in Scotland.
Could always treat him in the US. I'm sure he would receive exactly the treatment he deserves.


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