Al Mcmenemy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DroogCommander, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. Alan McMenemy is ex PARA Reg and was kidnapped in Iraq in 2007 while working as a bodyguard to an IT specialist, who was assisting the Iraqi Finance ministry with new computer software. His other 3 collegues, Jason Creswell, Alec Maclachlan and Jason Swindlehurst were murdered and their bodies returned, eventually, to their famillies.

    The IT specialist they were protecting, Peter Moore has just been released alive and well.

    Only Alan remains and despite the Home Office believing Alan was murdered also, new information has come to light that he may still be alive!!!

    Please take the time to join this group to raise awareness for the 'Forgotten Hostages' and in the hope that those who hold him, still have a shred of human decency and release Alan home to his wife and children.

  2. Whilst I appreciate the sentiment where do you think joining a facebook group will get anyone? There are facebook groups for everything, it's an easy way to do nothing while thinking you are doing something.
  3. Much as I'd like to see him come through this, what new information has come to light?
  4. You miss the point. It is for a show of support to his family, that he has not been forgotten about. As for an easy way of doing nothing, while thinking you're doing something, im sure thats what happened with a similar site that led to the ban on ISLAM4UK?

    DeltaDog, the int is refernce to a staement made by Canon Andrew white who has met with leaders of the group. Although it's quite scant, he should be freed wether alive or his remains returned to his family. After all the groups demands have now all been met!
  5. Alan McMenemy is a good friend of mine and hope for a miracle that he is still alive but fear the worst.
  6. Canon Andrew White confirmed that he had died (see here).

    I hope they return him either way. His family deserve the closure.