Al Gore to make presidential announcement tonight?

There is simmering tension in the air that Al Gore might announce a run for the presidency tonight if he wins an Oscar or sometime next week if he doesn't.

There's even some speculation that he would use his Oscar as the occasion to announce that he's running," Martin Kaplan, director of the University of Southern California's Norman Lear Center, told CNN. "Imagine that: a billion people worldwide! Take that Jay Leno, as an announcement venue!''

Could it happen? Gore's producer thinks a potential Gore speech would be a historic moment, but not the way Kaplan envisions.

"It's electrifying, not politically, because is Al Gore going to run or not going to run. There's nothing going to happen like that," Bender told CNN. "It's electrifying because the man who is responsible for solidifying the forces around global warming is going to'' be acknowldged.

Should he?


Now Al Gore is most definitely a man I'd like to see as president. He'd certainly go a long way to re-earning the trust in America that Babbeo Bush and his bunch of lunatics have so scandalously and recklessly squandered.

I hope he runs, because he'd win.

I don't think Gore will put his hat in the ring. I would vote for him, but he doesn't seem very enthusiastic at this point. Still, we have quite a bit of time before the 2008 campaign really starts, so I hope he might change his mind.

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