Al Fresco Shagging!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by B_AND_T, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Is there anything better.

    A cool wind lightly wafting over the hairs on your arrse. Your nuts bouncing of the ground (depending on position) and her picking leaves, twigs or gravel out of her butt crack. One of lifes rewards.

    Can anyone top that?
  2. Its a tad embarrasing really though isn't it?
    There you are,having a right good time with a young lady in the woods only to find it suddenly gets very noisy and windy.
    You look up to find the RAF Chinook crew laughing and pointing at you from their grandstand viewpoint
  3. Or even worse, a tramp asking if they can keep your thong and if you have finished with their bed. (that happened to a friend of mine)

  4. Does being really adventurous by shagging the misses in the bedroom with the windows open count? OK you don’t get the delight of her removing miscellaneous woodland detritus from her snatch, you get the breeze effect but some women are just very shy.
  5. I once new a 1CG mortarman who shagged a biff in a skip outside a nightclub in Leeds. A truly disgusting sight. He had gopping tattoos all over his wobbling arse cheeks whilst she sounded like a Jersey cow being dry bum fucked.

    Apparently no means yes & yes means harder.
  6. what was the disgusting about it, ur mates arse or the fact it was in a skip ??
  7. maybe, but you ever thought mr Theodas is a taxi driver and his ex-wifes new lover was lying shagged out on the taxi floor !!
  8. The fact that the guy involved managed to pull a half-spaz in a nightclub and topped it off by smashing her in a skip.

    Now, I have extremely low morals, but that is fookin' honking.
  9. hey roadster, so have you found out yet the best vehicle for this, preferably not yours incase she is wearing stillettos that could damage the paintwork. Better still just go to a carpark and look around for ideal vehicle
  10. Her sitting on my lap in a crowded railway carriage. Putting the knob away when arriving at the destination was a bit difficult, but hey, who gives a shit.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I once had al fresco sex with a girl in holly bush, in broad daylight in a busy park with people walking all around us. We had to keep very quiet obviously, but it was indeed most fun. You'd be surprised at how few prickly leaves there are under the tree, or how few people would dream that there's be a couple shagging in a prickly tree 5 yards from where they are coochie-cooing their dog.
  12. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    On a hill in the Borders of Scotland. Happily slipping Jennifer a length until the flyboys in their Tornadoes came over... and came back for another look.

    In a forest in Scotland with Ms. ** and getting a wet arse as it was raining, but worse Sgt. TM was sitting all of six feet away and telling me to hurry up as it was his turn next. Awful memories/mammaries.

    Underneath Tintagel castle as the tide was coming in. Jennifer, again, was up against the rock taking my salami as the water started lapping around my feet. Still managed to get the job done though.

    Chucking stones at L/Cpl IL on the other side of the river as he popped his cherry.
  13. yeah but after a few drinks it's surprising just how low we men can stoop...ha
  14. In the Round Tower in Old Portsmouth, there is a landing/doorway about halfway up. I was giving this gronk I had acquired in Joannas a portion about 3 in morning, when disturbed by about half a dozen tourists climbing stairs from ground floor to have a look at the view from the top. Put me right off my stroke , until they had passed by that is.

    The veranda of the rowing club on Southsea Beach was also another favourite shagging point, cracking view of the Isle of Wight over her shoulder