Al-Baghdadi reported dead

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PepperSeaDog, Apr 27, 2015.

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  1. AfghanAndy

    AfghanAndy On ROPs

    Some teacher in Pakistan mentioned that to his class a few years back and got thrown out of a third floor window for his troubles.
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  2. It's debatable how much of a leader he is/was anyway. It's possible that he was given the position that he had simply for the role of leadership figure.

    When he does get whacked he'll be quickly replaced and all the things that helped to bring around the group's existence will still remain.
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  3. Not even on thursdays?
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  4. Though you have to admit it's efficient and saves on scarce resources.
    Even NICE couldn't complain about the cost of a decapitation cure for complicated cancers.
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  5. Pity really, I heard he was about to be offered the Home Office job if Milliband got in.
  6. Depends on whether the budget for volunteer untrained amputation specialists comes out of the same cost centre as the oncology department.

    Mind you, it's always cheaper to get your surgical tools from B&Q.

  7. Has Minigland run out of Poles to employ?
  8. They like to have a qualified Allah Botherer in charge as they feel it gives them legitimacy. Most of the top bods are either ex Saddam Int Officers or Ba'ath Party Seniors.
  9. Probably been writing out "We must have air superiority." A few thousand times while trying to get over the sudden big bang that hurt like f*k.
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  10. Anything comng out of Russia is suspect. It looks like a Vietnam era BDA.

    30 IS stop for coffee.
    They must all be officers.
    Each officer must have at least 10 bodyguards.
    A meeting this big must have Baghdadi at it...

    So a platoon of sheep stealing Chechen rapists becomes the IS General Staff...
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  11. Gout Man

    Gout Man LE Book Reviewer

    Hmm, hopefully 72 little pieces of rabbit doo doos.
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  12. Wasn't that "sheep raping Chechen thiefes"? Think you mixed those up ;-)