Al-Azhar denounces atrocious racist attack on London imam

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cynical_stab, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Its obvious that Al-Azhar don't follow this forum (Well maybe they only read the NAAFI Bar) or they'd know that we are all in favour of punishing yobs/chavs/scum.
  2. Of course it's double standards
  3. did muslims demand the same when the 2 christian nuns were murdered in some african shithole ? no, because the attackers were muslims.

    Why is it that muslims consider themselves to be a race ? stupidly I thought that muslims were from many different races. So where exactly is the country called Muslim ?
  4. I watched some of the program about the partition of India last night when we left in 1947, some not very nice people there
  5. It's called the Caliphate
  6. I think I would re-name it
  7. The bloke lumped a copper so he is obviously Policeist, and not some random nutter or anything.
  8. It would be interesting to know what definition of Islam's "Mission" Al-Azhar holds.
  9. Causing lots of trouble
  10. To be the voice of caution (appeasement? :roll: ) Al-Azhar isn't a fundamentalist group; it's the oldest university in the world, the Islamic Oxford. While, like the rest of Egypt, it's been going more hardline in recent years, it represents a broadish spectrum of theological opinion; the cleric beaten up was probably far more moderate than most of the imams his young UK audience flock to here.
  11. And in fairness we are either against the sort of scum who attack lone elderly persons, or we are for them. It brooks no cherry-picking.
  12. I find the person who carried out the attack to be evil and the person who was attacked to be a member of an evil organisation.
  13. and what organisation would that be?