Al Andalus Ultra Trail - 2009

Er..... Hi

Please forgive the blatant sales pitch. This is my first post on Arsse although, as an ex-Gunner, I have been loitering with intent around here for a quite a while.

I now live in sunnier climes and as a way of passing the time I have taken to long distance and ultra running. :x

A good friend of mine has organised an Ultra event in Southern Spain for July 2009. Briefly the Al Andalus Ultra Trail is a very tough 5 day, 5 stage race of around 250km. The course will provide a very demanding test not just for your legs but for your character and determination.

Temperatures will be high (35-45C), climbs numerous and long and the trails are scenic and demanding. Over 90% is off-road, mountain and desert tracks with the majority of tarmac in the final kilometers when you are approaching the stage village finishes.

Now I know that many of you will have heard of the Marathon Des Sables (MDS). The Al Andalus Ultra Trail is organised by veterans of the MDS, and will be a similar type of event in all but cost; i.e. approximately £440 as opposed to £3500 for the MDS. You'd also have to get here, but the budget airlines have destinations nearby.

For more information take a look at or I'll try and answer them on here.


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