Aku boots?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by bloodgroup_o+, Oct 3, 2011.

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  1. Hi has anybody tried Aku's in the field? I don't think they are the usual choice of boots for most blokes. My Alt-bergs are good on an ACFT and nice and comfy but they let me down a bit on bad ground, ie running everywhere in Otterburn, leaving me with really sore feet and a few damaged ligiments. This could be down to the insoles being cheap Boots ones as well, but a mate suggested Aku's as an alternative to Sneekers,as he is fortunate enough to get issued them within the unit he's in, and I was wondering if any Infantry/ground sloggers are fans before I fork out the 200 quid. Cheers
  2. Very good boots, but I would change the innersoles for more shock absorbing qualities. Use this prior to purchasing them, as they are snug boots.

    I wouldn't recommend them on very long stints, very limited soles.
  3. Cheers, I plan to invest in some pukker insoles when I can afford it anyway, I think it's my biggest problem. Sounds like they would be a good spare pair to take out on the ground then.
  4. Not to patronise you but when you say they're good for the field I'm assuming you like having wet feet? Half of the boot is mesh and they're note g-tex lined.

    They're a good lightweight boot, a lot of blokes use them for booted phys and courses etc, but good field boots they aren't.
  5. I had a pair of aku gtx and they were superb in every respect 100 per cent waterproof gore tex lined vibram sole. This was for hill walking however as i havent run for anything other than an ice cream van in 20 plus years. They are the most comfortable boot i ever owned and i have tried merrell trezeta berghaus saloman the lot
  6. No bother. I know they're mesh and the popular navy seal pair have no GTex. To be honest, I use my sneeks in the field already when not doing OP routine etc, and they aren't waterproof, I use them with sealskinz, which I did on the Cambrian Patrol and suffered no blisters or foot problems. I have a habit of changing my socks a lot more often than most lads I'm with as well so it hasn't been a drama as yet, I was just thinking of the Aku's as a spair pair to take for nav ex's etc when theres the chance for foot admin soon after.
  7. If you're happy with the wet feet then go for it, they're a cracking boot. If it was me paying that much for boots I'd be looking at the Salomon 4D Gtx or the Asolo Fugitive Gtx. The Asolo is a solid boot but comfy from the outset, whereas the Salomon is like a slipper with a lot more flex and an almost trainer feel. They're also surprisingly light. I've used them both in the field and I love the Salomons. They both have a civvy look but if you're unit is going allow you to wear AKU's I can't see either of these being a problem.

    All the best,
  8. These boots have been banned on the course im currently on- lots of guys have been wearing them and turning their ankles in them. I almost bought a pair for 2milers and other phys, but at the £170 price it was just too much. i would second the suggestion for the salomons as you can polish them black if needed to keep your rsm happy and can be got for around £120ish.
  9. AKU made a breif foray into the military boot market in the late 90's, with the AKU Combat Boot. Which I purchased from SASS for the princely sum of £100.

    Superficially they were similar in look to a cross between the current KS Leight and a pair of magnum classics. The materials, soles and generally the build quality, was as good as it gets, but the insoles were a real let down. Though to be fair, I was in the Signals and we never really walked anywhere!

    Having said that, a civilian friend of mine rates their products quite highly, though he's never had to tab around and live in his boots for days.

    Have you tried a pair of Danners?
  10. This_Tribe_Rob

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    We were discussing the AKU NS 564 "Navy Seal Boot" with the man from AKU at a kit exhibition a couple of weeks ago. I think this is the boot you mean? He admitted that it was not a boot for normal military use. It is not intended for long distances over rough ground, but for jumping out of a helicopter and killing Bin Laden. One of his main points was that the sole is not stiff and will twist, whereas a more general military or civil walking boot would be resistant to torsion in particular. Also he mentioned the sole rubber which is too soft for most use. Finally of course it's very low cut.

    Gore-tex or not is a personal thing so I wouldn't weigh that for or against. In general though, he considered it too specialist for most military use, although definitely an option for the wealthy combat clerks instead of Magnums. I think Bad CO has been promised a pair for review by the way so hopefully there will be a more detailed look on here shortly.
  11. I've got a pair. Nice and comfy, however one nips my achillies. Broke them in by doing The Cleveland Way before deploying. Had feet like me nan when I finished. Not sturdy enough for rough terrain and the sole is very thin. Would suit SF clerks etc etc but for normal daily use in hot and sandy countries these aren't much cop. Wished I hadn't spaffed £150 on them and gone with something a bit more sturdy with better ankle support. If you're serving stick with the G10 for men boots, if you're a Walter Mitty type crack on and waste 150 sheets!
  12. I saw a few people wearing them in afghan and they were literally falling off their feet. I think blokes just liked them because they look ally and have probably saw a few sf blokes cutting about the place in them. Indeed they would probably be ok as a spare pair, but for 170 notes its a bit extreme.