AK47S and a return to moss side

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by schoolstaffinstructor, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. And after he gets 'Two in the heart and One in the mind from ARU and the little chavs parents sue for millions - 'cos' e was a good lad' and it was only a toy.

    Where the heck are the police when you need them?

    Target will scream when hit!!!!!
  2. Perhaps he is one of those 'loveable rogues' the media like to report on like those two who done over Tony Martins house.

    Ive always failed to see the lovability of someone as he legs it down the road with your telly.
  3. The scary thing is 10/15 years ago if you saw a kid like that you would know that it was only a toy - now-a-days your best practice is to assume the opposite.
  4. What a shocker..........

    Dreadful fire position and absolutely no application of the principles of marksmanship.
  5. "When you absolutely positively have to kill every motherf@*ker in the room, AK47!"

    Samual L Jackson in Jackie Brown
  6. Got 2 parallel threads on the same subject going on here! :lol: That "earyar" one says the same!
  7. Well, that's a f#cking helpful title for a thread :D I think we can be forgiven for missing that one.
  8. Got to be a replica, hasn't it? [If for no other reason than that the market price must be a couple of grand. Some have full bore centre fire but there are an awful lot of converted Brococks and shotguns].
  9. is a rather w@nk thread name
  10. Or his dad's a Kingo :D

  11. Agreed, but why did it take you 2 edits? Make that 3 now and the original.
  12. My apols, "Earyar" was my thread.
    For those unamiliar with the local dialect, Earyar is a common word, and can be used as a greeting, warning, rebuttal or mere interjection.
    It saves the average Mancunian from expanding their vocabulary beyond a few dozen words, and will probably be the first thing said by the armed scrote when apprehended.
  13. That's me told. Sounds more like something you'd hear in Cirencester though.
  14. his uncle's a kingo and brought him an early chrimble present home from iraq :twisted:

    but I wanted one of those rpgs kids never satisfied :twisted: