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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by andy_smith, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. hey everyone i just wondered who would take the Ak to war if you could take your pick from the SLR and thr L85
  2. I would, having had a blat with it on the JWIC in Brunei it might be as tinny as you get but it worked and it had the canny commie knack of being able to use our 7.62 rounds. Fire power ok and no shortage around so no need to clean them! :D
  3. slr
    then a1
    slr then ak
    the a1 was a piece of poo
  4. A2
  5. Depends upon the application:

    Mid/long range (eg Afghan):


    CP/Urban/Mid range:


    Para FAL is the ideal for me (or the new HK417.....)
  6. SLR

    Fast Car

    Jet Plane

  7. FN FAL with a SUSAT - best of all worlds

    I had an AK47 for a short while and had the opertunity to give it plenty at fake targets - it did get stoppages, it was far from accurate ansd it cannot be used in the prone position because of the ridiculous magazine.

    I had no probs with the A1 on ops, so I would opt for the A2 over the AK anyday.
  8. Err sorry, it didn't. It takes the 7.62x39 (warsaw pact) round and cannot fire the 7.62x51 NATO round - just won't fit.

    Compare the two in this picture, (7.62 Nato is labelled as 308 Win i.e civvy spec.) and you will see that there is no way you could chamber the round. Army myth I'm afraid.

  9. SLR

    Although 4(T)'s breakdown has much merit. It's that CQB bullpup problem again...
  10. A2

    If you taking a ak to war you must be part of the forces of darkness so youre going to lose anyway :D
  11. I know a fella who put a 7.92 into a GPMG and tried to fire it - spent a good few hours sweating while trying to get it un-jammed! Luckily the threat was low - for him - I had an L37 to play with! 8)
  12. I have seen someone try to load a ak 74 with ak 47 mag .Nearly got it too fed as well :D .Full marks for physical strength nil for skill at arms :D
  13. quote="Rainbow-Warrior"]I know a fella who put a 7.92 into a GPMG and tried to fire it
  14. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

  15. What about the AK101?

    Built off the AK74 design for export market: 5.56mm NATO round.