AK Semi auto 12 Bore

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by medwaymud, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. Never uploaded a pic before ...not even porn ....so not sure if this will load. Anyway .........

    ......down at my local shooting establishment ( Crete) a chap turned up with one of these.
    The mag held at least 15 rounds ( shells, cartridges) and as long as it was in the shoulder "a la SLR " patrol position ,
    you could still lead and break a good number of Clays on the Sporting .
    Great fun and if you stuck another mag in your pocket a whole mornings shoot could be done in about 50 seconds.

    ( I realise this won't impress our American brothers but for Europe ...the fun Police don't reach here !! )

    Ho Hum ....boys toys ......

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  2. Errrmmm...Why?
  3. BiscuitsAB

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  4. Bouillabaisse

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    Saigas. You can get them in Britain on a FAC - quite a few people use them for practical shotgun.
  5. few blokes have 12gu AK's at my club with the 20 rd drum mags, bit pricey at about a grand up with bits. min 24 inch barrels on 12gu semi-auto's in the UK btw.
    now in the UK practical shotgun shooting is one shooting sport where we have access to firearm types not avalable in many other countrys that are more liberal than the UK with handguns or rifles.

    VEPR-12 shotgun semi-automatic


    Saiga-12 shotgun semi-automatic

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  6. Don't the yanks count these as destructive weapons or some malarky.
  7. Not if they meet a certain barrel length for shotties (16" ish IIRC) then you are OK.

    Sawn off self loaders/pumps get the "destructive device" tag IIRC due to the combination of the bore size being over .50 and the fact that they have no "sporting" purpose.
  8. As the good Dr says, there's a few in PSG (not so much UKPSA) circles, not that popular compared to 870's and 1100 or even 500's imx; but there are a few.

    So long as it's over 24" barrel and over 40" in overall length not including a folding, retracting etc butt stock; GB legal.

    Horses for coarses and if it floats your boat ................
  9. The only problem for PSG in the UK is that so few other competitors shoot in the "open" class, which detachable mag fed guns find themselves, so you have fewer people to shoot against. Starndard auto and standard manual (pump guns) have the most competitors.

    The saigas are awesome though if you have to shoot lots of things very quickly, although the hugely expensive rotary mags I've seen are less reliable and make the gun very heavy when full.
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    That would get expensive with mag full of 3' magnum Brennecke's.

    What do folks normally feed these things?
  11. For PSG? For birdshot matches the chap I met who uses a Saiga, uses (as I recall) 30 or 32 gram shells to make sure it cycles reliably. Like any gas operated auto they are sensitive to what you put through them.

    There are also specific matches for buckshot, (an ounce of SG), and slug.

    The thing I have been impressed with is that you can use whatever you've got and still have fun. A cheap mossberg or an expensive benelli. One chap I know uses Franchi spas, which is an overly complicated and temperamental machine, but he just likes it.
  12. Saiga's are fine until you get a stage which requires shooting from the prone or a load one shot one stage!
  13. Saigas are legal in the US. Only if full auto are they considered "destructive devices." Barrel has to be at least 18" unless you pay a small excise tax for a shorter barrel back to the gas block that is classified as a "short barreled shotgun" We shoot them (with drum magazines as well) at my range quite often. Very reliable for an auto loading shotgun.

    saiga shorty.jpg
    Looks like a flame weapon when firing at dusk

    20 rounds
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  14. There used to be extraordinary collections of weaponry in Crete when I was there. I asked one man as to why he needed so many and he replied that it was "for when the Turk comes"