AK 47

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by jonwilly, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Kalashnikov is now on the BEEB news being presented with an award by the Rooshin President Medyev.
    I know the internal mechanism is entirely different from the German Stumgurwer which externally it 'Resembles' and is said to have been the inspiration for the AK 47.
    Was the AK really designed by an infantryman on 'Sick Leave' or is there more to the tale ?
  2. Mikhail Kalashnikov was a tank driver/mechanic and later a senior sergeant (tank commander) serving on the T-34s, not an infantryman.
    That's my 10 cents :)
  3. The Trigger Mechanism is a copy of John C. Garands Patent.
  4. The AK47 magazine lips (a critical part of the design) are identical to those on the German SG 44. Clearly Kalashnikov took elements from a number of older models, but this is very common in firearms design anyway.
  5. Didnt this 'give birth' to the SLR also?
  6. The SG44 passed design features to both the AK47 and (eventually, via SAFN49) SLR. The AK copies the mag and bolt carrier/piston, the FN designs followed up the tilt-locking bolt and hinged receiver.

    Arguably, the SG44 also influenced many other modern small arms - e.g the G3 series in terms of metal stamping technology, etc.
  7. The German Assault Rifle was kept alive after the second world war by the Spanish company CETME until FN started to design the FAL which owes more to the Russian SVT/SKS gas system and the GermanMP44/AK47 bolt The Fal/SLR was designed by Dieudonne Saive, who had worked with JM Browning in his latter years on the design of the HP35 9mm pistol, it was tried in 7.92mm short but changed to 7.62 for the NATO/US trials in the early 1950s
  8. And amazingly, Mikhail Kalashnikov is still alive, in (I think) his early nineties.
  9. He certainly is and was 90 on Nov 10th.
  10. seen the ak 100 or the an94?

    very nice
  11. Can you put up a pic.

    I must say I prefer the original AK47 to any later models or varients from other countries. Great bit of kit.
  12. To be honest I've just looked at pictures on web and they look virtually identical to AK47! :roll:
  13. The AK101 and derivatives are just 5.56mm NATO versions of the AK74. The commercial SAIGA series of straight-pull rifles are basically made up of 101 family parts.

    The AN94 is a new weapon with a complex recoil/reloading system designed to give a two-round burst fire before recoil kicks in. Its so complex and expensive to make that its been binned as a contender for general army issue and is only used by Russian "them" and other forces with generous budgets.
  14. Compare the guts of this to those in an AK47/74, and its no wonder the Russians thought it wasn't worth the bother....