AK-47 Butt (personalized -gizzit)

AK-47 Butt proffed during Gulf war 1

Stood on 3 x 7.62 short cut down cases, with two cases on top to hold your writing irons.

Can be personalised to any cap badge, etc the girly AGC or anything puffy.

Auction ends Sunday evening @19:00 hrs

Can be posted to guarantee a Chrimbo delivery.
Whiskey_60 said:
Also, whats a Writing Iron?
:roll: a birds very old type of coat :wink:
To be honest mate, as good as it would look in my Companys Junior Ranks Bar, if you can afford £100 then thats and extra £20 than I can afford going to a good cause.
In fairness I think Whiskey won.

but luckily for the pair of you, or unlucky as it may seem............ I have two :D :D :D

Drop me a PM and let me know what you want to do.

To make it fair I can do £80 for each of them if that levels the playing field, or I can go fcuk myself :D
PM inbound! Still none the wiser to what a Writing Iron is, persumably the AAC/Para Regt capbadge isn't on the final product... If i have one with a Paras Capbadge on I might find myself showing it people in the local and spinning dits about Parachuting into Sadams lair and personally taking him down with my fisty cuffs...
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