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Is the current AJLC just a load of irrelevent cack, every LCpl, Cpl I've spoken to seems to think so. Something a little more job description specific might help maybe? :?
Its always interesting listening to what the lads that have just finished a course have to say. The ones that have done well usually think it's a good course, those that haven't..don't. Again there is always the "peer pressure" to denigrate a course and the abiding undercurrent that everything is "crap" especially if it is slightly demanding mentally or physically. Back in the day when I did mine (yawn yawn pull up a sandbag) I thought it was hard work but a course that had to be done if you wanted to get on. Now looking back it was probably one of the better laughs I've had on a course with a good bunch of lads that worked hard together. If we continue to make every course "attendance" we will get unmotivated and untested soldiers, after all if someone is going to pass no matter how little they work, or not, then why try...you'll probably be slagged down for being a brown-noser! Besides if the lads think a course is that bad they can always put on the evaluation sheet and it should be addressed. It is easy to criticise but more difficult to make suggestions to improve. Unfortunately the negative aspects always seem to be emphasised rather than any positives. :?
The lads nowadays should think themselves lucky that they didn't do the course I had to. 6 weeks in minus conditions with Pete G**N doing PT. Today they would break.
I had to endure 6 weeks of Pete G**n PT in Norway the day after I arrived in Minden, the man drinks like a big fish and is fitter than a big bag of fit things.

Top bloke and great to see him on Sky sports in his GB colours at the Olypics and seeing his ugly mug splattered all over Eurosprot every winter.

Ugly ba**ard could pull in an empty room too :D
Just spoke to a few of the lads that have just finished the recent AJLC !
Apparently it was fairly relevent. :D
Is the L & G Flt reading this........ :roll:

It was an LE cadre as well, 1st & last ever for those that care 8O
In what way did they say was it "fairly" relevant? As it was LE was it because they didn't have to do any Phys? Was/ is it true someone jacked the LE cadre in the first week because it was too much for them! If that is so they should hand there stripe back in an f**k off out and stop taking money on false pretences!
Done my junior cadre with the infantry, 6 weeks hard graft. I used to get up half an hour before I went to bed, walk 25 miles to the trg wing do 36 hours work and then when I got back to me room the instructor would cut me in two with a bread knife. You tell the kids of today that and they wont believe you.
Don't forget the leopard crawling, whilst naked, over broken glass and burning coals. Oh........and the drill.........marking time in pools of flowing Lava and getting a kicking off the Drill Sgt if you complained about the hot spots on your feet.

Them were the days.............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The AJLC is designed to see if you are worthy of wearing your first tape, in a very competetive enviroment. With the introdution of the det comdr's course, life in the aviation world is going to be a lot harder and so it should. The AAC as we know is changing big time, and anybody who thinks that the AJLC or the Det comdrs course she be easy, is in the wrong job!
If thats the case then why do we give them a tape prior to attending the course. Why not make them earn it as opposed to letting them think its their god given right to wear a tape. The problem you have now is there are loads of people out there who dont deserve to wear the uniform let alone a tape.
Give me a fiver for all those LCpl's out there who are wearing a tape and then either:

a. Failed to attend a JLC through the fcuk up of their chain of command.

b. Failed to attend a JLC due to wimping out of their own choice.

c. Attended and failed due to injury.

d. Attended and failed cos they were crap JNCO's.

a + c are acceptable if they cut the mustard in the interim. The rest should have it taken away and only given on successful completion of the course. In the old days it was the hardest to earn and the easiest to lose. Now it's the other way round.

We had to do the course first and had to earn it.
should have seen the nominal role for the last LE Cadre, it was like the cast list for DADS ARMY!

"who do you think you are kidding mr cunningham........"
Running the training wing years ago with an Ex Para in Hilderbanana. The pre cadre was not simply an attendance thing. If they didn't make the grade they did not go on the course. ENDEX. All went Well until Joh* Car++l took over as Trg Offr and sent thing into the PC generation. " You cant make them do that cos they will break before they go on the course".

If they were good enough, they hacked the pressure and didn't break. A couple of good WO's in the corps did one of our Pre Cadres.
Someone want to find out about a certian LCpl from 9 AAC, who failed to attend the last AJLC due to believing he should not attend because they had been on Op Telic!

His name sounds like a certain camping stove!

Oh and he was mentioned in dispaches for a mast falling on him or something, or was that arty fire? Did he forget there was two other people with him?

Enough is enough, get on your Cadre!!!!!!!! :twisted:
At the end of the day, the cadre in its current guise is very good at turning out useful JNCO's. i defy any of you to pm me with the name of a "good Lad" who has failed the cadre in the last 3 years.

all this job specific stuff is all very well, but we all know full well we dont specialise, especialy on ops. we've all heard about the "defence coy" in time of war, bullsh*t, it just isnt going to happen. we need JNCO's who understand the orders process and how to get soldiers to do things they dont want to do (wasnt that called leadership once?)

i'm not sure how the falling standards of recruits and the commonwealth elements we now have under us will affect the corps as a whole, but the majority are in it for the minimum amount of time then they want to sack it.
Golf_one_one said:
should have seen the nominal role for the last LE Cadre, it was like the cast list for DADS ARMY!

"who do you think you are kidding mr cunningham........"
"Corps RSM in 2 years?Who do you think you are Cnuting Mr Kiddingham?"
What we have got to remember that the AJLC is there to turn a solider into a NCO (a leader of men & women).
If the AJLC and SCC are weak arrse attendance cse's then all we are doing is degrading the Corps in the long run.
The high calibre NCO's and SNCO's that these cse's start on their ways are the future of the Corps. If you have'nt got the drive and determination to get yourself on the cse's and pass well, then I suggest you start looking for a new career.
(I hear McDonalds is recruiting)
its all true, but even on the last cadre, tossers were binning themselves
i'm looking forward to the tours when AH is in, (lots of them to show off the shiney great white hope of the AAC) all the lads joining up to work 7 miles away from wattisham (ipswich boys take note) will be signing off in droves!
You’ve either got it or you aint. Any of the lack lustre no marks wish to pursue a career outside then that’s their choice. If you wish to feel you have a feeble voice, join the trumptons. Basics chaps. Character building. That is and always has been the aim of the junior course. Those that really want it will persevere and rise above it. It has nothing to do with pseudo infantry. It’s just that the quickest and easiest way of demonstrating 'leadership and command' qualities is placing a chap in the most basic scenario. That is to say deprive him of sleep, mess him around a fair bit and invite him to still function in a soldier like manner AND allow him to show his own potential to lead the other blokes into a fairly unsavoury situation. Those that cannot grasp that should not be in the privileged position of leadership. We should not just allow time served in rank to qualify. It undermines our future.

Winge, whine and generally protest about the current fad of how this is put into practice but if you cannot see above the sleep deprivation exercise that is the JLC/AJLC/junior/selection of chaff from wheat cadre then you can not have the right to protest about the future standard and general bearing of our future NCO leadership. Or should we make it a Playstation it’s a knock out competition?

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