Ajax, Brasso, Cillitbang,Humbrol & Morello

Discussion in 'RAC' started by the_butler, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. by mistake?

  2. out of curiosity?

  1. or option c (which did not want to go up there)
    sod off donkey walloper
    I could not resist it
  2. I've never used Morello, and it's been many years since I've used Humbrol, but Ajax, Brasso, and Cillitbang are the way forward!
  3. I know the banter between tankies and cav has always been fairly lively, and being ex RTR i'd be inclined to shoutthe loudest against our horse riding brethren, only in a jovial way i might add, but i just would like to add something in their defence. Recently i've had the dealings with 2 cav regts, both with dragoons in their title. Having had to deal directly with the CO's of both units, it was quite refreshing being spoken to like a human being again, with an opinion that was worth listening to. Something which all too often is sorely lacking within a certain part of the army, but i obviously cannot tar all folks with the same brush. The good thing about the RAC is that guys who earn their tapes have proved their worth (mostly) and a lot of trust is given to them by those on high. My point is, RAC units trust their men, even though the cav can still sod off :D Fear Naught chaps
  4. up yours fly boy the only reason people speak to you like a human being is that if they didnt it would be a long walk homethrough the shrubs instead of up up and over them. :roll:
  5. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator


    Handbags or jealousy?

    I just bought my first Sylvete for years having lost my old one and am polishing all my trainers as we speak!
  6. definately jealous as 20NOV1917 was one of the best tankies i knew and im extremley proud of what he has done and will do with his career oh and by the way 20NOV1917 not at the booze cabinet im at work keep up the good work
  7. It must be love
  8. I suggest Cillitbang to get the sh*t off your nose,or will the Butler reccomend something else...........Ajax??

  9. ....and the horse you rode in on.

    Royalty cheque to the usual account please.
  10. it must seem like brown nosing but just realised that ive been ribbing 20NOV1917 alot latley.
  11. If your boss is not keeping you busy enough I have a pair of boots you can wax?
  12. Ajax, Brasso, Cillitbang,Humbrol & Morello taste better when mixed with a little Domestos and served chilled.
  13. Excellent poll from the butler, of course I have always used Ajax for more complex tasks. Easy to deploy, flexible and responsive to demand; Ajax was clearly the answer to the toughest and dirtiest jobs - truely Second to None
  14. i find cillitbang removes horse sh...t from tanks quite well.
  15. Did'nt know horses crewed tanks nowadays