Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Davros_the_Dalek, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. If anyone is at or has been at AISU recently, can you send me a pm pls. Thanks :)
  2. I don't think AISU exisits any more.
    I hear their role was taken over by 591 SU at the Joint Service centre of excellence at RAF Digby

    Think the remnants were redesignated 234567 MI sect ?
  3. I take it you have no idea what your are talking about so I have chosen to ignore you.
  4. Davros, you need to get a grip of this chod! A prime candidate for the oxygen thief moniker methinks. :wink:
  5. check your PMs davros.

    opint, adastra has been bugging people for donkeys as you know. he is particularly popular with eye_spy :)
  6. I hope your next shyte is a hedgehog - tosser!
  7. Digital Geek Check your PM's
  8. Back to you CG
  9. I didn't realise that 591 SU had a role as such. I thought it was just a storage facility for bitter and twisted Int An (C)'s that cannot grasp the concept of working in a Tri-Service environment.
  10. Perhaps you need to get out of the confines of the dark side a bit more, broaden your horizons ? Then maybe you are content to rely on hearsay picked up in the bar?

    Could you be a little sore that they are:

    - supported by their chain of command?
    - an example of differing trade groups working towards a common aim: providing customers with useable decision support?

    Of course not, the light and dark sides have far more vending machines to guard than 591 SU and are so much in love with each other :heart:

  11. All I ever hear from the 591 guys is them whinging about how the Army take over everything and how Digby was better when it was 399 SU.

    I honestly find it a little sad that some decrepit old RAF SNCO feels that some how the British Army collectively has conspired to hinder their career. Alas that is a reflection of many, not all, but many of the Int An (C) trade.
  12. Davros can nothing be done about Adbloodyastra he really does grip my s**t.
  13. oh don't be silly, people like him are good for morale.

    whenever they post, everybody in the corps pulls together.

    pop psych 101 :)
  14. As usual CR I must bow to your superior knowledge of muppets, thank you.
  15. I was going to put something here about Adastra being a bitter, passed over winker who deserves the OT tag at the very least....

    But decided against it

    CPUNK/DAVROS..please help