AIs leaving cadets to their own devices - eh?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Bravo_Bravo, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. Just been DS'ing at a CCF competition, which saw a cloudburst on the saturday night.

    Eight drowned rats legged it towards shelter, dressed in unit tee shirts / sweatshirts, carrying their rifles. They where wet through, so being an aproximation of a responsible TA SNCO I asked them where their AI was - intending to suggest they attend to the H&S issues of sopping wet clothing.

    No AI was with them, so I asked who the Senior was and instructed him to stay in shelter until the rain stopped, then to get into dry kit and waterproofs and to stop doing whatever they where doing. A far s I can tell they did this, and retired to their bashas.

    I later saw at least one of their AIs in a pub later that evening, with two other adults - I do not know if the others where their AIs but as they also were wearing C95 trousers and issue-style boots its a fair assumption. The AI was wearing a sweatshirt with capbadge so I knew who he was.

    As it normal practice to leave cadets like this? Seems a bit odd to me, duty of care and all that?
  2. no someone should be on duty at all times especialy when weapns are involved.
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    Last comp I did with the ACF the AI's that came with us were only there to drive us to the event. Once they were there the training staff running the event were responsible. Possibly the case? In which case where were the DS...

    Can remember being left alone for a day to see what our admin was like (with weapons). Was great fun.
  4. That is quite bad though, where was the duty adult? and why hadnt their rifles been put back in the armoury?
  5. If they are over 16 why don't they learn 'independence, leadership etc' in the army, where they might do some good?
  6. Because some may want to finish (and/or further) their education?
  7. some may be unable to join due to medical reasons...
  8. And some might want to cut around shouting at little boys instead of taking the shilling and growing up.
  9. how many go onto doing that?
  10. I was not sure who the AIs where until I saw them this morning, wearing the kit they had on in the pub. AFAICT it'll be flagged up on the PXR.
  11. B-B,
    It sounds a bit odd to me too, but all you can (and should) do is flag it up. We don't always supervise them, but we always have the duty of care, so it is sometimes a judgement call.

    Nonetheless I, and I don't know of anyone else, would have any problem with you mentioning your concerns. If people have done wrong then nobody will know if you keep quiet. If they have done no wrong then they won't be worried that another adult has flagged up what appeared to be a potential problem.
  12. Why not just have a conversation about it, instead of/as well as sticking it on the post-ex report and mentioning it on a website?
  13. Name and shame !!!
  14. So once you've sussed they were negligent (that is of course they should have been with the cadets and not in the pub) you'd do what, wasn't you was it??

  15. No being funny but even if the cadets were over 16 and sensible etc. What the F*CK are the AIs doing in the pub. Jack f*ckers!!!! Lead by example yeah?