AIs (Frimley) Course

Discussion in 'ACF' started by wolfydude, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone out there tell me what its like. I've got mine this Sunday and I've heard its a great laugh and easy as apple pie. I have the joining instructions which give a rough layout of the days ahead but is there anything I should brush up on.

    Cheers.... :D
  2. Skill at arms, drill, MOI, M&C, field craft and attitude.
  3. It's only easy if you know all the answers. If you have done SCIC or you have infantry experience it will be a piece of pizz. Otherwise get your nose in the manual and get on your belt buckle as much as you can while you're there.

    Good luck and enjoy.
  4. This course is dedicated to showing you the lessons you will teach and then showing you how to teach them, its a cracker! i had lots of fun! the instructors are excellent and very funny. You have nothing to fear you will have a ball!
    Though i would take pre prepared lesson plans to help you along the way, the ones you dont use you can sell for beer, be carefull thursday night (messnight) as on friday you have all of your tests SAA, DRILL etc,
    please dont do what i did: attended the mess dinner in 2s then help a young lady to her room only to be thanked in liquid form, waking up the next day having slept in my 2s and having to carry out a drill tp looking like a proper puke ridden mess, hmm still got a b though! happy days

    er hope this helps! Troop!
  5. I loved my AIs course as well! The days can be quite long but its a really good laugh and the dinner nights a scream!

    I'm doing my KGVI next March. Any advice from anyone on that?
  6. up to and including 3 star fieldcraft with the emphisis extraction of orders, you'll be up into the wee small hours writing orders. then its all downhill from there. brilliant course though.
  7. I would just say to make sure you do both AIs and KGVI because you want to as you will enjoy them more!! Don't do as I did and do it to prove a point or obtain a promotion. They are both really good courses!! One thing I will say about KGVI is bond as a team as soon as you can, my section really struggled for the first few days as we were all working against one another, but once we started working as a team it was not only easier but so much more fun!!