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Discussion in 'ACF' started by leegrieves, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. Hi all

    any info on AI's course at Frimley, what kit to take, things to expect etc

    all info apprecated

  2. Mate dont need nothin other than your person 95's and some thin smart for drill if you feel the need not esential as 95's will do. dont bother with webbing mate get some when your there. Suit is needed for night time tho.
  3. I gather you have completed your ITC? If so this is a piece of piss mate! you will love its! its the same sort of thing but goes into a bit more detail, and looks at the mechanics of teaching those lessons!
    You wont have any problems here matey, just enjoy it, its a good week!
    I would recommend taking lessons plans you have any, as they will make your life easier also get your kit prepared/pressed hung up etc, a laptop and printer would also help but not important.
    The scariest thing i thought was the drill tp as you have to remember a sequence given to you at the start of the week to be delivered at the end whilst massively hung over, the last day is your testing day for Drill as ive said, also weapon handling tests on lsw and gp.
    Just have fun!

    hope it helps

  4. Cheers Guys, much appreciated.

    ITC done last June, just really to give me a heads up on what to expect.

    I got my lesson plans ready anything else suggest i might take

    cheers and Merry Christmas to you all
  5. Beer tokens are an excellent idea!

  6. Make sure you know your fieldcraft, map and compass and red book.

    Three seperate written tests up to three star level; you have to write the answers long hand including the red book test, which is not sequential. Preparation prevents piss poor performance. Good luck.
  7. AI's is a top course really enjoyed it, fieldvraft is a paper test mainly based on orders, map and compass is quite simple, drill test is quite scary but if you learn the sequence you will be ok, i would take webbing as you are ggraded on your prepration and kit is an area they pay interest in.

    You will need a jacket and tie in the bar each night and smarts for the mess night.

    Preperation wise i suggest brushing up on weapon handling if possible and map and compass theory as this is covered briefly but in depth.

    Have fun it is a good course.
  8. This isint true mate ive never heard it mentioned and they actually advise you not to take belt kit if your travelling on trains etc theres no need they give you it there all you use is a ammo pouch!

  9. Fair play but a bloke on my course said he had been told his prep was poor because he didnt have any, could be that his prep was poor in general and this was just his excuse.
  10. Do they really supply you with webbing???

    When I did mine we had to bring everything, including magazines, cleaning kits and slings. Those who did not bring the required kit did not have it issued to them. They had to beg and borrow. If they couldnt get it they failed. (Of course we managed to get them through.....just).

    So yes, preperation is the key to the AI's course.
    Also be prepared to be outside on most nights, as you couldnt swing a cat in that bar :D
  11. don't the course staff send you any list of what to take ?
  12. Frimley Park sends out a comprehensive set of Joining Instructions to your County who will doubtless pass them on to you.

    Currently on the arrival briefing you are issued with a plastic bag containing Magazines, Sling, Cleaning Kit.

    Most people seem to take their own webbing but it is available for issue should you need it.

    Take appropriate clothing for bar and for Dinner Night.

    Take an up to date JSP 535

    Ensure your Fieldcraft and M&C knowledge are up to date.

    Taking smart kit for the Friday Drill Test is good skills although you can do same 95's should you wish.

    A very good course, enjoy it.
  13. Cheers for that , I have put in for my basic frimley in March, I will no doubt be searching and researching for all infos relating to the course, It a bit of a wait til county gives me the nod to go.
  14. Ranger_Danger is corect, thats all you need to take. Its a top course and you will have such a laugh like.

    Make sure tho you have a some LSW skills, as you do have to teach a lesson on it aswell as and L98 lesson, but you do get tought it there but alwase better to be prepared! You also have a weapon handling test on both at the end of the week.
  15. I can't wait I am so excited I have lost all bladder control............I go soon to be filled with knowledge.....I am an empty vessel!