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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by oh_bug.ger, Oct 25, 2005.

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  1. Ok im off to Frimley in a month to do my AI's course and my county are proving a bit siht at sorting the paperwork out so can anyone help me with some details of what the course covers and the best way to spend my course prep time, also is there any general advise from guys that have been on this course and how does the course compare to the AITC ? Lots to ask i know but any advise will be greatly recieved.
  2. Artficial Intelligence Course??

    You gonna be Robocop?? Or a Tamagoci (sp)??
  3. Well, oh_bug.ger, you could rely on the info from here or you could contact Frimley Park directly and get the specific info you require direct from the horse's mouth so to speak.

    Murielson - on the off-chance that it's not a wah (I bet it is you sod :lol:) AI = Adult Instructor
  4. Pm me and Ill give you some insight
  5. Abacus good point didnt occur to me to see if Frimley had a site very stupid of me. Thank you.

    Maybe Murielson has apoint on the artificial intelligence course.
  6. Frimley website is at If memory serves right it should have a course brochure on it, but this gives only a vague outline.

    The AIs course is about 60% weapon handling, 20% map reading and 20% other (including foot drill, written tests and GP/LSW handling test). You'll have to do written tests on map reading, the 'red book' and fieldcraft. I think there's also a small group planning exercise type thing (or I might be getting confused with the KGVI).

    Expect to do lots of weapon handling. At the start of the week the course ADS will demonstrate all the GP and LSW lessons to you. This is to give you an idea of what you'll have to do later in the week. You'll have to do a GP rifle lesson then an LSW lesson a day or two later. They expect your first lesson to be a bit rusty (better if it is sh!t hot ofcourse) and want to see an improvement in your second lesson. You will have to sit through everyone else's lessons so you'll know them all off by heart at the end of the course.

    At the start of the week you'll be given a foot drill routine to learn - this is nothing too complicated, maybe 15 commands which will take you 5 minutes maximum. You'll have to take the squad through your routine at the end of the week.

    As for revision - none really needed. If you were really keen you could practice a few GP rifle lessons - these have to be taught exactly as given in Cadet Training Manual Vol 1. Take heart that nearly everyone gets a decent report at the end of the course - apart from one girl on my course who rejected the advances of the then RSM (a nameless Para - whoops!)
  7. cheers C-B all help kindly recieved.
  8. Format of orders and how to give orders to fire teams cropped up on mine
  9. Yeah , right
  10. Polar was the yeh alright aimed at me?
  11. Sorry , long night , were you been serious , orders and fire team orders for AI's ?
  12. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    yes.......and your problem is???
  13. No problem , just don't understand why Adult Instructors in the ACF need to give orders or fire orders.

    Maybe you'd like to put me right ?
  14. polar my attitude exactly but I tell the truth it was quite a shock to me but there it was and as it is all infantry based it came as a shock to this old cav man. On the KGVI course you have 2 outdoor ex where orders HAVE to be in the standard Inf format i.e. pages of A4 bumpf. Ihave seen this given as a lesson on senior cadets camp and then they have to use it to carry out their own O groups. I personally think it is a bit much as it only gets used onec twice a year by the cadets.
  15. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Sorry I sounded snotty, Polar, it wasn't intended.

    It is done as an aid to realism, I suppose, as much as anything for the cadets. If you taught them only what the needed then the traing would consist of shoe polishing and how to get a decent haircut. Without this kind of thing the exercise/recce etc on battle camps has no realism to it.