Airsofting and Paintballing

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 5.56mm, Nov 4, 2006.

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  1. Ok, I want your opinions on these two "sports" are they good or bad and are they walty. Tell me what you think about them.
  2. yes and yes. they are walty if played by walts they are sports afternoons if played by soldiers...
  3. a walt past time played by uber walts.
  4. why? Thinking of upgrading your firepower from them .22 cadet "rifles"
  5. If its abunch of mates having a laugh fun but silly.If your dressed up as a
    delta force warfighter to do it even sillier.Harmless activity imho.
  6. My assumptions of walts. Airsofters , paintballers, & reenactors are nothing but harmless sad acts who like to dress up & play at it. I can tolerate these types. Its when they cross the threshold into bull5hitting & actually start to belive themselves to be real is when they start to become irritating,offensive & an all round pain in the arrse. Some of the biggest most irritating walts I have had the misfortune to stumble across have never worn any uniform of any description in all thier sad pathetic lifes. Just my own opinions..........

  7. No i didnt say i go airsofting i said what are your opinions, if you read some of my other posts about airsofting/paintballing you will see my opinion.
    If played for fun and entertainment and not taken deadly seriously i think it could be fun, but if people dress up as a para and sew insigina on then it can become more walty than pte golden. My freinds who go airsofting have told me about a guy who dresses up in deserts with para wings on and wears a para beret. Now i think thats a real walt not the people who play it for a laugh.
  8. paintballing is a laugh if not taken seriously ie no tactics banzai charges etc when out of ammo!! Any walts are rigorously targetted with a bit of hand to hand thrown in. Never been involved in airsoft but judging by previous posts and photoes this is an exclusively walt activity
  9. I know several serving and ex army guys that Airsoft. A few even own and run Airsoft sites.
  10. I think airsoft is much more of a walt sport than paintball. Mainly because they buy all the kit and insignia and walk around thinking they are the dogs. Also 'airsofters' are normally the walts you see on MySpace and the like.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    True,AND I suppose that if work has orginised the paintballing as a 'team building' excercise (as mine did a while back,did'nt go,day off & the pub was more..tempting!) you could always gang up on the boss or that wan-ker no one likes.... :twisted:
  12. I went paintballing recently for a mates stag do. Got sin binned for not conforming to the "Tactical Mission aim". Aka they wanted to do some sort of section attack and i wanted to stand in a biffa bin whilst my mate pushed it.

    They are walts of the highest order at them places but great fun if you want to slag people off all day for not having the spine to go and do the job.

    Aka The Obese dredge of society. People with asthma and too many war hammer games. A bit like your mum really
  13. Indeed they are walts, it dosn't anoy me the sport you know its their choice its the ones who dress up and wear rank slides, unit insignia or the ones who say they are in the TA (who are always lieing).
  14. Walt stag do??? paintballing :? :?

    squaddies stag do - AMSTERDAM!! :hump: window shopping :wink:
  15. Paintballing: As someone said earlier, as long as no tactics or correct walty equipment is used it's a laugh. Oh, and as long as no one has gay knicknames or team uniforms or does it as a hobby!

    Airsoft: Uber F**king gay and walty!!