This is in this forum as if snooker is a sport; Airsoft definitely is.

On Saturday (04/09/04) I departed for my second Airsoft encounter at Alpha 55, previous at a paintball/airsoft site in Sheffield. I arrived expecting the same as last time - loads of guys in more kit than the MoD can misplace, with lovely SAS badged t-shirts discussing how they would sort Iraq blah blah.... I got out of the car and sadly; loads of guys in gucci kit all tooled up; thankfully i was wrong, yes they all had some nice looking kit, but they were a great group of guys; not a single walt presented himself, within my hearing at least.

We filled in the simple forms, got some ammo and the safety glasses. Next we got issued our weapons for the day, mine was a famas (Alpha 55 - told me that he will be trialing the SA80 version when it is released). I cautiously enquired to the QM if he had visited the army rumour service (i wasnt asking if he visited arrse!!) - he had; he was Alpha 55.

Once everyone was ready the safety brief was given, sadly the person who gave it may need a little help from the ETS on his presentation skills if he wants a commission ( :wink: ). A quick training session was given to new airsoft players, my previous airsoft foray involved a paintball mask its entirely different with only a pair of glasses!

First mission, team Bravo and off we went. The route myself and 3 others took through all manner of cut throat brambles was interesting in itself, the fact that i lost my mag and only realised when i pulled the trigger wasnt the greatest of moments - but retracing my steps through said brambles was a nightmare.... no, i didnt find it :oops: - Auld_Slapper can you and Stumpy come out of retirement please?? :D

After getting a new mag and back into the game i started to enjoy myself.

My brilliance must have been recognised :wink: and i found myself promoted to Bravo's 2i/c. As we went back out with my newly issued radio and map i found myself forgetting it was a 'game', the realism was odd to say the least. As Bravo team got into position i quite embarrassingly failed to be able to even see the hand signals of Alpha 55 :?. We all got under way, the radios began to crackle and there were confirmed enemy sightings. Luckily for us we had a young lad who was nearly impossible to spot due to his size, he was sent scouting ahead. We, the main force finally had confirmed sightings of our own. Myself and two others broke left from the group, to my great delight we found two enemy.... one who happened to be the Alpha CO :D and so it went.

Ive chatted on, recounting my day as i enjoyed it, lots - absolutely brilliant. If you are unsure about airsoft id say you should definitely try to go to Alpha 55 or similarly organised site. The paintball/airsoft doesn't work, having the guys at Alpha 55 in charge, with their experience, made all the difference. For the price, its a brilliant laugh, good day out and some exercise thrown in too. As a training aid; id be shocked if airsoft isnt widely adapted by the military in the coming years.

Thanks to Alpha 55 and any other guys who read arrse!
Airsofting is well worth doing its a great stress relif

i play quite often at a site in the west midlands at bassets pole
a great bunch of lads with semingly large bank accounts as theres just about every bit of hand held kit you could possibly think of .
Airsofting is very good if well organised, another good site is Combat south, they have two sites woodland and Urban, woodland is in Wickham between Southampton and Portsmouth, the urban site is on Portsdown Hill, overlooking portsmouth, in Fort Widely, they also have a shop. check out there site. Urban/csurban.htm

good bunch of lads there too, if you wanna see what the site is like, chack out teh video on Section 8's site here,
Sorry for the bump (better than creating yet another thread).

Anyway, it's a fast growing sport here. No walts as of yet, but most of the players are either of my age (late secondary years / college / starting out in life) or some are law enforcement.

Very nice, CQB battles and some sniping too. Most of them wear whatever they can come up with (usually the PMC type or US stuff). Hardly anybody wearing UK DPM aside from me and people wearing the Philippine version (very dark, almost black and light brown).

Indeed, a nice day out with a good adrenaline rush and you're comfy knowing everyone's just in for a laugh, and not all serious.

I've seen a lot of good airsoft vids in Scotland. All of them from Scoutthedoggie (does vids in Section 8 too). Would love to play there, or better yet, walk into a careers office.
or there's BF 4
Fookin' hell, has that fecktard just searched ARRSE for every thread mentioning his beloved pastime?

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