Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by squigeypie, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. Looking forward to 5As angle on this.
  2. Have you asked your PSI?
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Fcuking HELICOPTERS??????
  4. Why is this in the TA Forum?

    To OP - My neighbour does airsoft as a hobby, the BB guns can get very expensive by all accounts, some costing over a grand!!!!!. Plus uniforms and kit it can all add up.
    Apparently there is an SS airsoft group that, well, dress up as the SS and play in the woods. Not sure if they go in for the whole rape and ethnic cleansing bit.
  5. And a very sad one too

    Edited to add :

    Stirling Selection 11 : Stirling Airsoft

    " Time waisters need not apply " Why is it that airsofters have not got a basic grasp of grammer ?
  6. Fixed it for you!
  7. same reason you have no idea of spellinj, you hoop.
  8. Stirling Selection 11 : Stirling Airsoft

    Click on the above the link and half way down the page between the " Mission " and " Recommended Kit List " you'll see the massive spelling /grammer mistake I qouted . If I remember correctly the Foxtrot58 air soft webpage also had ridiculous spelling mistakes . I'm guessing they want to sound credible from a military view point by sounding like under educated spacktards ?
  9. No rape? They can **** off then *stomps off sulking*

    It's in this forum because the threads about hobbying.....
  10. F#ck me ! Is this thread for slagging off airsofters or peoples spelling!
    Why, Why would a growen man spend all that money pretending to be one of them ?
    any spelling/gramer mistakes are on purpose
  11. Why? They're harmless.

  12. I....................Must..................Resist................... the ....................Bite...............................


    I wonder if they have airsoft civvis clubs who deeply dislike airsofters because of the air atrocities commited. Air Cleansing a village, Air rape, Air mass murder, Air Looting etc.
  13. they are quite good for pissing off the neighbours cat alledgly