Is it compulsory to be overweight/portly/heavyset/big boned to partake in airsoft?
...You were saying?


Why are you jealous
I don't seem the problem with airsoft. It dose no harm and its better than sitting in front of a computer slagging it off or playing cod.
why is that fat bloke wearing such a small helmet? how comfy can that be FFS?

oh, and if I thought the woods were teeming with chicks like those pictured, I would take up airsoft in a heartbeat. but they're not, so I won't
well there's a couple where i play ;-) sure some folk think its sad and waltish but hey its my money and my sunday off,i'd rather be out having a laugh with my mates doing that. and we know they arent real weapons too, there's more serving and ex regs playing airsoft than you think haha its a like rash and it's spreading :) i await the piss taking...

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