Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by aflyinghaggis, May 30, 2009.

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  1. I went to airsoft, full of walts... They like to pretend to be paras ect :x
    Who thinks it would be funny to turn up to the next game in jesus sandals and a p@ki robe :D
  2. would be even funnier to turn up with real shooters and exterminate the flucking plebs!
  3. Lol a real two tone SA80 now that would be quality :D
  4. Why, did they parachute in?
  5. Why, for God's sake?! 8O
  6. I am asking myself the same question :D
  7. What a waste of time.

    I don’t like Airsoft, so I choose not to get involved with it.

    The solution to your problem is simply to do the same.
  8. Well, why the fcuk did you go then? Most airsofters appear to me to be sad little men with otherwise empty lives but, as with morris dancing and Warhammer, why not just let them crack on. What possible harm are they doing to you?
  9. Its a game. Leave them too it if it doesn't suit you!
  10. I know plenty of blokes who airsoft and are either ex- or currently serving as well. Some people enjoy for it what it is, a big game of pretend soldiers. You're misunderstanding the meaning of "Walt", if people didn't dress as soldiers and use generic soldier tactics, they'd lose the game, so it's to be expected that people dress as soldiers.

    From what I've heard there alot of airsofters who bring an element of re-enactment or re-construction into the game as well, so this may be a reason you saw emblems of the Parachute Regminent etc.

    As for myself, it's too bloody expensive to get involved in for my tastes. Hundred quids plus for a gun, ammo that you can't collect and reuse, all the kit and having to find somewhere to do it?! Too much faff for me, gimme a rugby ball and some kit and I'm happy as larry!
  11. It's too rough for me.
  12. Andrex is too rough for you Nursie... :roll:
  13. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    You should hear them banging on about their modified top spec sniper rifles in dessie dpm, with xyz optic sights, billions of FPS range and 'realistic weight'. Pay 100's for the privilege of having a massive gat that first tiny little pastic things....

    And thats before they even start on the 'SAS' gear, pouches, etc.

    Clearly more money than sense. But they are essentially harmless. Potentially sexually frustrated nonces, but harmless......
  14. Then you'll probably have someone in the latest US designed patterns tell you good places to get a pakol to complete your derka derka loadout :roll:

    I'm an airsofter, and yes I've spent a fair bit of cash on the hobby, but its not much different to someone getting into golf, photography, biking in all its forms or table top gaming as a means to pass their spare time.

    There are different aspects of the game too, most sites in the UK run games where you are effectively playing counter strike in real life but without the bunny hopping. Certain organisations run their games to be more realistic running from themed games where participants have to take their roles a little more seriously than normal, through to 'combat missions' which have you dropped off somewhere for 24 hours or something with no going back to the save zone for a bacon butty at lunch time. (Hint: Google 'Stirling Airsoft')

    I consider the latter taking things a bit too seriously and another thing I don't like about 'milsim' play is the fact we seem to be allowed to clutter up military facilities. Sure it might be slightly more unique, but I never really liked the idea of airsofters being allowed to run around Copehill Down, Swynnerton and the Catterick FIBUA area, it just seems like encroaching on places a game doesn't belong.

    Anyway, to bring the tone back to something more typical the NAAFI I'm off to see how Scaley is derailing the lady pics thread :lol:
  15. Fck it, it looks like a laugh with your mates

    Who really gives a shit... I built model planes as a kid. i didn't mean a was a fast-jet walt ffs.

    I then got into rumbles in Alamara ..but still go paint-balling with my nieces and nephews because its fun.