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airsoft wankers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mr griffin123, Sep 23, 2010.

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  1. I cant stand these walt tossers, why play with fucking toy guns for fuck shake....they always seem to be total utter pussys, with no girlfriend or gay and all time experts on firearms..i once asked one of the walts, why didnt he get a ticket and get a real rifle, reply was "guns are banned" when i told it wasnt it woundnt take no for an answer, i suspect if i was to hand the walty mongs a remmington 700 rifle or sig sauer 9mm pistol they would shit themselves and would run a mile. Pussys.
    anyone know a reason for this walty mongy behaviour???


  2. I was at the University of East London on Monday doing some photography for my current company and it was freshers week and the had an air-soft club signing up the new students.
  3. I think it looks like good fun........if you managed to get rid of the geeks.
  4. It's like paintball isn't it? That was a great laugh IIRC.

    With all due respect what's it got to do with you what these people get up to at weekends?
  5. They aren't harming anyone really though are they? As long as they aren't posting photos of themselves on t'net pretending to be sf's or anything silly like that. As long as they are in the woods playing soldiers and not following suzanne dando home I'm not bothered.
  6. Apparantly phycologists call it, "Adult fantasy role play" it's akin to children playing except for adults to indulge their imaturities. Walty Kunts.
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  7. cause the i seem to run into these walts alot of the time it piss's me off....wrongons the lot of them
  8. do you meet them in the local gay-bar?
  9. are you on one these youtube vids???
  10. No. I'm in the homemade vids with your girlfriend ;)
  11. No tesco staff, neighbours, etc, do you like having your backdoors smashed in hard by a bloke called christain at your local pillow biting club / bar???
  12. Airsoft to porn in 10 posts I am impressed
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I actually got banned from playing Airsoft. When I last played (and the 14 times before that), I'd be in the middle of a game, firing my SAW from the hip, hosing down those bitches, and I'd suddenly start getting flashbacks to my time in the Boy Scouts when the bloke with the big toggle asked me to come inside his tent and give him an Armpit ChooChoo (thanks TwoBob), and other flashbacks to nights in the TA Drill Hall once per week doing NBC theory and practice in S10's. All of a sudden, I'd be screaming like a banshee and using the butt of my 249 to smash the hapless youths to the ground, before pulling out my replica pig-sticker (flexible polypropalene to avoid injury) and stabbing them repeatedly in the groin.

    It would take 15 of the fat cunts to hold me down while I frothed at the mouth, writhing and spitting, and then, to top it all off, I'd wake up and discovered I'd swamped my pit again!
  14. There's no such thing as a hard bloke called Christian
  15. oh shit, you stole my idea i fucked your wife the other day while you were out and i recorded it on my the way you wife has a got very nice tight arse just made for my cock.