Airsoft Walts

I thought this particular species of Walt deserved a thread all of it's own. Clearly they are different from the paintball fraternity and they aren't pure re-enactment walts, however, after some inside research into their 'life' - I'm actually scared for them. They really don't have a life and I'm convinced that most of them still live with Mummy and are no strangers to man love, or w anking in their own sh1t for that matter. Don't think their sense of humour or general SA is too far advanced either.

Lets start with this fellow:

"Billy-Bob" from Norfolk. Enjoys changing Mammy's colostomy bag and giving her 'bed-baths'. Loves his plastic gun and is especially fond of dressing up and defending the back garden from gnomes...............


Exibit B:

Airsoft Walts like to either a. run in packs for safety. b. ensure they are only ever photographed alone to avoid utter embarassment.

When they are in packs, they tend to invent "missions" and perhaps even "tasks" for themselves. Christ they may even ask themselves "what am I being asked to do and why"? OK, so that part is bollox - they would never ask that - well not in this life anyway.

Getting back to tactics - running in packs. It makes them lose all sense of reality and proportionality - they start walting like fcuk and looking like sad mongs..........................................


Let us continue with Exhibit B - ensuring that you are only ever photographed alone. This area produces the largest amount of sad, muppet walts that are convinced that "looking leery/ally" in their house/porch/backgarden/outhouse is going to look good. NOT so you fcuking sad no marks.

Lets look at the evidence from one various parties initially:


I feel the need to single out one particularly excellent walting mong b astard. (Excellent as in his absolute failure in society, p1ss poor personal admin and the fact that he still lives with his mum - who probably dry bums him into the bargain). However, I digress.

Just for "Doc" here is my simple homage to a sad, immature and badly adjusted man - my fav walt......................


And it gets better - here's our lardy walt mong hero with his best mate and w anking partner "Skeggs" doing a 'bit' of CBRN - bless their little kidneys.


What a shame it isn't something nice like persistant nerve agent, or at least thickened blister.


Time for Exhibit C - proof that some individuals display the worst symptoms of "sad airsoft walt mongism"

I take pleasure in using 'The Doc' again.

Let us first look at his attire and bearing, before finshing with a shot of his bedroom (in his mam's house)

Speaking of 'shots' - sorry Doc, but I knoked out a money shot onto your pillow. Hope you long gay mammy's hair didn't stick too much........................


By no means completion on this glorious thread, but perhaps bring this 'chapter' to a nice end - here's some of my more favourite walting mong b astards all courtesy of and from the lovely papegs of ArniesAirsoft Forums - bless....................

First one is of 'bored' walt shooting mate (and dog w anking mate if truth be told) right up the arrse - don't ever remember those tactics being taught?


i would venture to say, like many hobbies , 90% are normal people who just go out and have fun doing paintballing and airsoft without the need to shout about it, or live the lifestyle, 24/7 .

as in any organisation you wil get those who will take it a little too far,providing amusement value to us, at least they are nto going round mugging old ladies , raping little kids even painting their cars in loud colours complete with loud sports exhausts, they are paying money for some of the kits which ex squaddies could sell on to them :lol: they are keeping people who works in Surplus shops, gun shops, airsoft site workers ina job when they would otherwise be unemployed.

as for me i have done the odd paintball events , its always good fun, never tried Airsoft, thats the important thing, having FUN and a break from the real world.
come on semper get with the arrse spirit . These guys are complete losers if they like dressing and acting like US
so much they should pop down the high street and pop into the careers office .
paveway_3 said:
come on semper get with the arrse spirit . These guys are complete losers if they like dressing and acting like US
so much they should pop down the high street and pop into the careers office .
i know what you are saying , mate , they do have a source of amusment value, its a free country , we don't have to agree with what they do, but we defend their right to do so.

yes i agree, if they really wanted to they could always go down to the AFCO and sign up, why not go up to such events and hand out Regimental recruitment leaflets and see how many will sign up, im sure there quite a few lads who is probably just trying it out before committing themselves to the real thing.
you never know semmy , what them being shorthanded these days, you be in with a shout :lol:
So let me get this right these people, even the one with the airsoft shotgun (?!) are not soldiers and outside of mass conscription will never rather than ask why, can I ask how many walts can UK Walt World feild? Compared to the MOD?
RE . The walt bedroom I know someone who has a room like that .He has done muliple tours and courseswith the ta . Surprisingly he
also has a very attractive girl friend 8O (well attractive for portsmouth :lol: ) .Guess it takes all sorts harmless but a bit silly imho.
Why use a firearm in an armed robbery when you can use an airsoft rifle that looks like the real thing ?

"It was only a fake toy rifle, mi'lud, there was no reason to twist my arm out of its socket and pounce on me with 40 police offciers shouting 'Shoot the foocker !!!'."

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