Airsoft Walts in Lurgan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Stick_Knave, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. Grauniad reports the SRR have been seen in Lurgan wearing boiler suits and balaclavas, linky

    Sounds more like the INLA or airsoft walts to me.

    Martin Duffy feels that the Nationalist community are being intimidated, perhaps he should ring the national anti-bullying hotline?
  2. It's the Social security fraud squad.
  3. They used to be able to blame this sort of thing on the HSPT gone rogue.

    Bet they are missing us now!!
  4. No way is this SRR; more likely a rival paramilitary group.

    Probably something to do with organised crime/drugs. With any luck they'll start killing each other. NHI: No Humans Involved. :twisted:
  5. Must have been Ex 3 Para Mortars then :lol:
  6. Just to make a story claiming everything happens to them.

    You should see the RSF page for Armagh and Keady, apprantly we are the worst in the world.
  7. TSG wear boiler suits, carry long-arms, use white vans and are in and out of that place on a regular basis. But then "police conducting searches" doesn't quite make such a dramatic headline.
  8. Unless you're with Sinn Fein: "He also claimed that under the stop and search powers of Article 44 of the Terrorism Act hundreds of mainly young people have been stopped and searched."

    Using stop and search powers to stop and search people. What a dastardly plan...
  9. If Lurgan RIRA weren't recruiting and using so many teenagers there wouldn't be so many "young people" getting searched.
  10. Very true.
  11. What a brilliant image.

    "Right lads, grab your boiler suits and ski masks. We're doing a recce of the youth centre tonight."