Airsoft SAS saddo

RFA fleet tender? I may well be wrong, but I don't recall the RFA using them. I do remember the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service, the Royal Naval Auxiliary Service and even the RN doing so, though.

I may be wrong. It was close on 35 years ago. Either way it was a big bastard engine with enough displacement to stop it sinking.
Nice try but we all know that the life of a submariner is one long orgy:

Those are both 'Bombers'.

You know the way you green folk feel about the RMP? Well, that's sort of how we think about the Bombers. They are commonly referred to as the 4 knot fudge-packers.

On drugs, years ago I attended a huge beach party in San Diego. One of the boats that had been hosting us was going on patrol the next day and put on a mega BBQ. There was more Colombian marching powder than you could shake a hairy stick at!

Oh yes - it was a Bomber, aka MAD nuclear deterrent........... got to love those Merryguns.
Come close to honking up my dinner in a couple of the early simulators. Tiny lag, milliseconds only, between what you see and what your ears tell you is happening, but enough to curdle my giblets.
A few years ago myself and a couple of colleagues were bringing a new simulator into the company and were preparing the briefing. The way of coping with sudden nausea was to have a bucket available - primitive but effective. A mention of this was made in the briefing however I decided not to mention it and had a lot fewer pilots throwing up.
Always managed to clamp my teeth and drink it all back down, although the chunky bits took a bit of work.

I did blow my chips a time or two on the way back to the hotel.