Airsoft - Moral courage?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DarkNinja, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. My "friend" has approached mr with a business idea and my help. He has some sense and working for himself seems a good idea. Then he told me what it was, produced Monthly magazines and kit..................Airsoft! I scanned the magazines with horror!
    My dilemma: Do I bite the bullet and help him and wallow in Waltism and the nobs who take part (some may say a form of prostitution!) or do I say "F*ck that mate!"

    Advice? views? (stands by)
  2. Money is money in this day and age!!!!! If you want to help but stay in the shadows, go for it!
  3. Mate, Airsoft is like shitting money! These walts will pay anything for their gucci faux kit. Bung some surplus kit in there too, and your rolling in it.

    Some, if not all of your customers will be cünts, but don't you have a moral duty to part these people from their money, surely?

    Try taking your 'moral dilemma' to the bank or building society and see how many 3 bedroom-semi's that will buy you!
  4. Think of this as going deep undercover, you could assist with sorting out the walts from those who go airsofting as a game.

    p.s. if anyone asks you what you do, tell em you are a rent boy or something less embarrasing that anything to do with airsoft.
  5. In my view, it depends a lot on the scenarios for the games.

    If they’re completely made up, for instance the Ruritanian Army vs the Viet Taff, or a re-enactment of the Dog Soldiers film, no real problem. Just take the walts’ money, you don’t have to like them.

    On the other hand, if they want to play “games” set in Iraq, Afghanistan or other places where real soldiers are dying real deaths, fuck them off at the high port.
  6. Go for it, you can make it realistic for them. Make them get on and off 4 tonners for an hour then loads of hurry up and wait followed by 3 hours on patrol with fuckall happening and then 30 seconds of Braaaaap Braaaaap :D
  7. what is wrong with airsoft? ive never tried it myself but given the chance i would have a wee go but while i was doing it i wouldnt be dressed in shiny £5,000 kit pretending im one of the world 500 armed forces and taking it seriously. Would this still mean im a walt? :O
  8. Airsoft... A difficult one indeed.

    A colleague approached me a while ago. He's never been in the services and knows I used to be a regular and am now a reservist. He started asking questions about kit. Where to buy it, how it works, what is best and what it costs... This made the hairs on my neck go up!

    And indeed! He was going to buy a Diemaco (airsoft version) and join his nephew playing airsoft. He was frustrated in joining up years ago and has always had an interest in all things military. Airsofting seemed like a good idea to him. It seemed to me he was well on his way to Waltdom...

    I tried to save his soul and gave him some recruiting talk about the Dutch TA and how this would be infinately better. We'll find out soon, but I think we may have lost a good man to these makebelief soldiers... I feel dirty by association and a failure for not being able to stop him from going over the edge.

    My advice: Stay away! If you want to make a buck: just put your kit on EBay or something like that. Maybe sell it to some army-Navy store, but do NOT get associated with THAT. You'll feel worse for it. On the other hand: money don't stink, does it?

  9. You b'stard you made me spill my coffee laughing at that! :lol:
  10. If there is money to be made it! if you dont someone else will, your moral duty may not be driving the new shinny Merc, but you might!!

    Let these Airsofters have their fun,
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I agree you have a moral obligation to make money. A friend of mine in the Hong Kong Regiment ran a business consultancy that did a lot of junior management training. Among other things he used paint balling to encourage team work. Great fun and it had the desired effect.

    The problem with Airsoft is a bit like the problem with shooting clubs. I enjoy shooting, I've been to shooting clubs and most of the people there where OK but there where just far too many walts. Same with airsoft. I went for an airsoft weekend in Hong Kong in 1990 with my consultant mate to check out its business potential. We had a great time, no doubt about it, it was fun, but too many of the airsofters were just too walty for words. As a business development tool it was a non-starter.

    So do it make money from it, enjoy it, but don't get involved in the fantasy world.
  12. Airsofters are fine, as long as they don't pretend to be anything different. If a chap in military kit walks up to you and admits he is an airsofter, he is hardly a walt. I say let them get on with whatever they want and take as much of their money off them as you can whilst they do it.
  13. Google Stirling Airsoft and check out the large scale games they setup down at the FIBUA villages. Complete with scout helos and GTA style driveby's!
  14. Wot 'e sed.
  15. It's ok, your secret is safe with us!