Airsoft - Military games or serious training aid

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Alpha55, May 5, 2004.

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  1. We run an Airsoft site called Alpha 55 here at Pentre Halkyn in North wales. Being ex-military All our games are based on military simulations, the weapons we use, although classed as toys are accurate in detail and weight to their real counterparts. I see a market for the training of the military with these weapons as the nearest thing to the real thing... anyone out there agree? if so check out our web site at or come and talk to us.
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  5. did the signals set up some mil training school for techs?
  6. Soldier_Why

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    Methinks some of these have a rather strange cam cream fetish! :D
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    Tell me its a wind up.... Surely noone would post such tosh on a site such as ARRSE and expect to get away without being mocked into the middle of next week.

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  9. closely realistic as real weapons firing blanks.

    Or using millions of pounds worth of laser firing equipment to simulate kills.

    I suppose a BB will fire accurately to 300metres then?

    Sorry mate...but no. Go back to the TA.

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  10. Got you talking though didnt it???????????????? Bring it on!! :twisted: [/url]
  11. I read a good article recently about how the US do MOUT training (that's FIBUA for Yanks). Anyway, the gist was that the US Army were using laser kit and having problems as although soldiers were getting shot they didn't take it seriously - just a video game. The US Marines used paintball and as getting shot in the arse with one on auto hurts the troops took it all seriously.

    Probably wouldn't be any good for outside though.
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  14. Paddy got any Airsoft firing armour we could borrow? :wink: