Airsoft - Fun or Waltdom?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gas Gas Gas, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. Until my "return" to ARRSE after an absence of a year or so I had never heard of Airsoft. I have paintballed and laserquested with my children on a couple of occasions. My eldest son certainly knew more about it than I did. I dare say if he expressed an interest in having a go I’d go along.

    My question is at what stage does Airsoft Waltdom set in?
    Merely trying it at all
    believing that you could give THEM a good run for their money
    somewhere between?
  2. Somewhere between running around like a loon and getting your old lightweights covered in sh1it and taking your picture dressed up in USMC blues for some childish website. Apparently. *cough*
  3. So long as it doesn't stray off the airsoft pitch (or whatever) no problem. Taking it seriously as equivalent to real combat is a problem of the psychiatric kind, though.
  4. It's a very fine line. I'd say it's akin to poking a fat lass and the same rules apply; it's fun, everyones done it but it's only wrong if people find out about it. Best to keep it to yourself.

    If no-one knows your dirty airsoft secret, no-one can accuse you of being a walt.
  5. I feel no shame in having ' paintballed' once or twice [ one time it was ' compulsory' as a ' team building' effort by employer > sigh ]..

    but it was done in old clothes, company issued jumpsuit/mechanics overalls and the site's own rent-a-guns.. nothing more waltish than the eye protectors..

    I figure that's ' legit '..

    walting comes into play when you lay out for all the Gucci kit, the Johnny Seven OMA guns and keep a weapons tech busy in the trunk of your car, salivate at the thought of going' outside' in the wild with the game or - horrors- joining a group/team/unit/SASjokesquad and ' fighting for real ' on a rented out military range on civvie Sundays...then its time to hang your head, or yourself, for having succumbed to the walt side...

    you know you're approaching damnation to WaltHell when you think of posting your phottie, all gussied up and ' ard, on the internet/facebook/youtube or singles site - unless you look really spiffy, then you're in the running for the Mike Golden Award...
  6. Going for a rampage around the woods with a bunch of mates and colleagues, enjoying it for an hour, then looking frequently at your watch and dropping blunt hints about beer and pub lunch is healthy, especially if you were obliged or persuaded to attend and are not there on your own initiative.

    Anything else is Waltish and should probably be regarded with extreme suspicion. Anybody who buys airsoft weapons, uniforms, or belongs to a pretend military unit would not be welcome in my home or around my children. There is something profoundly dodgy about the whole thing.
  7. Airsoft is definately Walting...

    Paintballing involves a certain amount of physical risk and pain when someone shoots you in the nads at 10 foot. You can also enjoy doing the same to your mates and inflicting some pain on them - and you can compare bruises in the pub afterwards.

    Airsoft involves shooting small plastic pellets that wouldn't hurt a kitten if you shoved a few dozen of them up its a**e!

    My son used to love paintballing but at 12 years old even he thought airsoft games were for girlies...


  8. For my better understanding, this is definitly NOT a Wah, can someone please explain what Airsoft actually is?
  9. airsoft pellets not hurting....i dont think so. lemon jnr and his mates are into this nonsense. they are even talking about going into the woods and shooting all round them. what a bunch of walts/wallies/homos you choose what to call them.

    i just sit back and laugh at them when they are talking about all the guns they are going to buy, until the little bollox shot me in the arm with them. still have the scar from it
  10. ....think ithis has been well covered in the 'search for a walt star thread'

    The concensus of opinion and the Wikipedia definition is ...

    AIRSOFT. Foreplay by Walts . The aim being to go into the bushes with a 'friend' and try to shot him with enough plastic to the point where he gets a deadleg and can't run away , is captured and bummed into submission
  11. I have now had a chance to surf/google the Airsoft world. Hmmm. You need lots of pocket money to get all the gear.

    I was a bit surprised to see that the Longmoor FIBUA area is hired out. Is it no longer used by the MoD or is it just another "profit centre"?
  12. sheesh!
    I took my young uns to a paintball day in the summer
    I drove down the track and the tw@ts had a VCP set up
    I thought "jolly good get em into the mood quick" but when the youngsters got picked up later they said that the guy had a landrover county painted in arctic cam with plastic stick on bullet holes.
    I also found out that one of their "troops" wore the "beret, green, coveted" and reckoned they were as tough as the marines.
    I have arranged a little paintball day there in a few weeks with some of my old buddies. should be fun and it will the first and only time I have been paintballing. Of course I havent told any of the lads what to expect. but am I looking forward to it!
  13. imho running around woods shooting peoplewith paintballs or plastic bullets fun

    dressing up as a soldier with all the proper kit walt

    taking it seriously and attempting to justify your hobby as anything other than fun walt
    i.e if you dress up as henno at weekends and when challenged over your sadness claim its a laugh and nobody would mistake you for a real soldier
    fair enough.

    if you claim though theres more to it than making a fool of yourself burn in the fires of hell you walting fool