Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by royaly_royaly, Jun 27, 2010.

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  1. Prior to deploying on H9 we were treated to a day of 'training' at a certain training area (that 'they' use) in Poole. It was supposed to run along the lines of compound clearance etc... It didn't... It very rapidly deteriorated in to a massive free for all and actually quite a good laugh!
    Without doubt though, the best part of the event was the hand full of civvi airsofters that rocked up to play enemy for us... What a selection of hero's! Within seconds there were cries of "HIT" and "I'VE GOT A BAD BLEED" and also even some accusations of cheating :eek: !!! We were very nearly quite incensed about it... and then we got over it and just carried on shooting at the poor lad who we had trapped in room, cowering behind a kettle for cover.
    One of the airsofters even tried at one point to give some advice on what webbing to use in afghan or as he put it "what loadout to roll with"... GENIUS!!! The same guy also tried to issue a fully pussers fire control order to us later on in the day...! The whole thing truly was an eye opener.
    It was, I admit, classic entertainment for a couple of hours but not really a useful training tool.

    I was wondering if any other units out there had been treated to the same sort of pre deployment "training" or if this was just a one off?
  2. There were lots of airsoft pellets all round Longmoor FIBUA village when I was there recently. Some other stuff too, like a 9mm round that fired a .22 plastic bullet

    edit latter were simunition.
  3. Sounds a very professional approach to a unit's precious pre-H9 training opportunities. Apart from having a good laugh, what did you learn?
  4. I think the MOD must hire out training area's for them to play on. I saw those little balls at Caerwent and Cellini village and wondered what they were.
  5. That those little balls F*CKIN hurt! :cry:
  6. Its when they say they know what its like to carry alot of kit all day is what winds me up about them, "Oh really do all those little balls way alot then?"
  7. There were about 4 or 5 of us stood round when he made a comment about the chest rig that one of us was wearing, saying that if we "roll" with the open top type of mag pouches that we would find it much quicker when reloading in a CQB situation.... He then went on to say that we would probably be better off mounting our "comms" (PRR) on our backs like "those SF guys" so there wasn't too much clutter on our fronts.... There was a few seconds of silence before the lad with the chest rig just said "er, yeah thanks for that one fella" in quite a genuine tone and walked away! No one else said anything... I think everyone was in shock at the neck of it...! Picked up by a mega walt for shit drills... Absolutely priceless!
  8. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Airsoft as a pre-deployment training tool? What a waste of time.

    Now, as a man who provides computer games for pre-deployment training, I can give you some more interesting and useful advice if you wish...
  9. The 9mm rounds firing plastic rounds will be Simunition. Lots of different types available many of which fire a paint capsule. The weapons are to all intents the real deal, with some modification. A bit like the old .22 conversion kit for the SA80. Posh paintball with real guns and stings like fcuk on a cold day.
    Simunition is used extensively in Police firearms training, who use military facilities here and there, and some military units.
  10. Simunition weapons are blue aren't they? Or the barrels are at least
  11. The ones made by simunition are blue, but you can convert real guns, although I'm pretty sure it is a permanent modification. I generally leave that bit to the armourer.
  12. i think this is a good idea, would save money and would provide more realistic training, why waste money on shooting each other with blanks, im sure paintballs are heck of a lot cheaper, and at least you know when you have been shot as there is no hiding it, this would be very usefull on fibua training, and would show who is actually shit at there drills
  13. [​IMG]

    There, there! Did the nasty walts hurt you den? Ah bless...

    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

  14. I went softing a while ago and it tort me to things 1, proper fire positions (on me belt buckle behind a tree rather than just taking a knee) and 2, You cant always see your enemy apart from that it was just a f@ck about as it was my mates stag do.