Airsoft and pyro

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ubersniper, Jan 26, 2005.

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  1. Ubersniper

    Ubersniper Swinger

    I've seen a few users of this board enjoy the odd airsoft game but just searching through a online shop for some decent smoke grenades I found what looks like a issue smk gren. pin and handle thing, not the usual twist and strike stuff.

    Aren't these illegal to be sold to the general public?
  2. woody

    woody LE

    why you can buy similar pryo from a boat supply shop cant spell chandlery . so guess its legal for supplier to sell to civis unless its out of back of 4 tonner . saw used smoke cannister for sale on e bay ?
  3. Ubersniper

    Ubersniper Swinger sells the smoke grenades.

    Just that i remember someone telling me you'd need a license for this sort of thing unless you bought it for immediate use i.e. just before a game.

    Anyone ever had a run in with pyro either at airsoft or on exercise? Friend of mine had the sea of his pants blown off when a thundy got rolled under him 8O
  4. woody

    woody LE

    knocked myself out with thunder flashes years ago the old type at longmoor village .Endex threw one in room it went off entered room fireing gpmg from hip very ramboish :lol: .large flash next thing i know cpl is ripping my mask off me and shaking me ,we were in nbc at the time "you all right?" seems guys in the ceiling had thrown several thunder flashes into room aswell which went off as i entered left a ringing in the ears.
    I'm told its very silly to try to set trip flare pots off by banging them against rocks
  5. Biscuits_AB

    Biscuits_AB Guest

    Searching for decent smoke grenades????
  6. semper

    semper LE

    be useful when you want to tw@t some cnut who shagged your girlfriend, throw it into the room and come in with a gas mask and a baseball bat then beat seven shades of sh1t out of him , he won't be able to see you :lol:
  7. Biscuits_AB

    Biscuits_AB Guest

    This smacks of 'Guns & Ammo'. Sad fcuk.