Airsoft.....a slightly different perspective.


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Those US paintball tournaments seem to be marketed/branded more as an extreme sport rather than military-based, compared to airsoft. The players look like they’re dressed for a motocross race.

I’d probably give airsoft ago if the opportunity arose (i.e. forced into it) but I do like watching the cheating videos on occasion:

Yeah the outfits are exactly like motocross gear.

When I was at one of the aforementioned Diamond Wars events, I was trying to put together a small team to go on a mission within the wider context of the battle.

I mustered 5 or 6 suitably warry looking lads to go and capture a flag or something and then a young arena paintballer decked out in bright orange kit with sponsor’s logos all over it decided to join us.

We had to politely tell him to **** off because the mission involved quite a bit of sneaking around and trying not to be seen.


The paintball brand JT did start off in MXross!

It is a sport with leagues, World Cups etc

Dpends if you want to play a sport and be competitve or put up with gimps in airsoft!
"you shot me in the cóck you little cùnt!" at him.

I went home later that day with a bruised trouser snake that took a week to stop hurting.
I actually did that once, it was a "zombie" game at night, I was crouched down "healing" someone, (ie holding their shoulder and counting to 20) when a "zombie" lurched out of the bushes right beside us giving it the full "aaargh" business.
So I bravely... screamed like a little girl while simultaneously ramming my "Sig552" into his crotch on full auto. At which point he broke character somewhat.
He was surprisingly all right about it considering.
Or maybe he enjoyed it, I prefer to think he was a good sport.

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