Airside clearance??

I have all the skill sets needed for various roles, but i am wondering how i go about gaining airside clearance? If anyone could shed some light on this i would appreciate it. Thanks.
Thanks duffdike, this i have and i only left two years ago so shouldnt be a problem. But is it like sc/dv clearance where the company applies for it or is there somewhere i myself can apply for this?
I work at Edinburgh airport and it was my company who sponserd me, you need a 10 year checkable background and up here a Disclosure scotland ,(crim records check) Havant heard of any individuals doing it.
I still have airside clearance, but haven't flown since 2002, airport security is a load of bollox.
dubster417 said:
Where and using what ID ? Ours is company validated each year and checked again by the airport authority, so using somthing which is 7 yrs old ???
You pretend that airside clearence is in someway organised, its a load of rubbish.
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