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Discussion in 'Travel' started by BrunoNoMedals, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Off on a stag do next month. For reasons that shouldn't need explaining here, part of my outfit involves an S10 respirator (sans filters).

    The weekend is in Budapest and we're flying EasyJet from Manchester. Will I have issues with the respirator in hand luggage? I'm not planning on taking a checked bag. doesn't cover gas masks in the list of restricted or dangerous items, and while I'd expect some additional interest from the UKBA bods I'm hoping there would be nothing legally/formally holding me back.

    I'm working on the assumption that by not being a cock, treating the security bloke with a bit of respect and blatantly appearing like a harmless stag party they'll see the light and let me through.

    Coming back the other way could be another story. Any advice for that side of it?
  2. Throw a few more items of BDSM wear in there to avoid arousing suspiscion, packing them in a large Northface kit bag will also help.

    Better to be thought a run of the mill pervert than a terrorist
  3. Explain when you check you check in & that your on a stag weekend as it will probably get scanned anyway.
    The last thing you want is being taken off the plane & being asked to bend over as someone gives you a cavity search.
    But saying that you might enjoy that sort of thing!;-)
  4. We went to Turkey and the couple a few seats in front of us told us the 3rd seat was occupied by this weird **** whose hand luggage spilled open and a roll of gaffer tape and a ski- mask fell out.

    Unfortunately he didn't get caught in Turkey so he came back on the same plane.

    **** got shit- faced, lit up a ciggie, punched a trolley dolly and had to be decanted at Frankfurt, so we were about 3 hours late, in the middle of the night.
  5. You are blessed.

    You have been in the presence of The Iron Duke himself.

    Not many people get to see his duct tape and balaclava and then live to tell the tale.
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  6. If you are ok getting out there but are more concerned about the return then why not just go diffy?
  7. Went to the States a while ago with work. I got grilled as to why" have you got so many cables in your laptop bag". Ok, so I did have quite a few, cat 5e, crossover. roll over and an ICD3 with usb, mobile usb, kindle usb. They never looked at the gas soldering iron though. I just explained what I do for a living, the guys eyes glassed over and he let me though
  8. Couldn't have been the Iron Duke....... he's a tall aristocratic type with a country estate in Northumberland.

    Not some scrawny little specky **** from Darlo.
  9. WTF (other than sex play) requires an S10? You ******* weirdo!
  10. Wear some reactolight glasses and Silver Shadow trainers.

    Security will assume you are a TA dude returning from an exercise and be too busy ripping the piss out of you to carry out a search.
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  11. I got out of Gatwick with no trouble but coming back from Belfast City, they pulled out mouth spray forgot it was there. Either Sunday morning and got time on their hands, low quota for the month or new airport so keem staff
  12. Or, your personal admin was extremely poor prior to departing and you were caught.
  13. or throw a massive 10" purple punisher in your bag and a day-glo butt plug and when they stop you and ask awkward questions, cry discrimination and sue for £££millions.

    It Might just work for these bummers . . Humiliated in Texas: Gay couple's sex toys taped to bag by airline after search - Detroit liberal |